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How many slices are in 1/2 lb. of American cheese..regular slice size?

Asked by geraz (6points) March 17th, 2011

How many slices are in ½ lb. of American cheese…regular size slices?

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One slice = ~ 1oz.

There are 16 oz per pound.

So… that comes out to 8 slices.

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This says each slice of Kraft American weighs 19 grams. A pound is 454 grams. That would make for 24 slices per pound, or 12 per ½ pound.

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Hmmm. according to this a slice of American cheese is 1 oz.

(Perhaps Kraft is being stingy with it’s portion size?)

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Well, it’s pretty darned hard to argue with the label. ;)

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It depends on how thick or thin you slice it… :))

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It really depends on the company doing the packaging. I have seen anywhere from 12 to 32 slices per 1 lb package. Government cheese averages 1 oz per slice when it is presliced.

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Ya i guess you’re right!

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