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I need ten questions to ask a foreign exchange student.

Asked by rentluva5256 (555points) March 17th, 2011

I’m meeting a foreign exchange student tomorrow who speaks some english. I would like to know what to ask him/her. I think I should have at least ten questions.

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I would have several questions prepared but only to start a conversation. If you pepper him or her, he will perhaps be self-conscious about his English, shy or overwhelmed.

Start with something simple.

How have you been getting along?
Do you want me to speak slowly and more simply?
So far so good?

Let it evolve.
Pretend that you are the visitor to his country and speak some of his language. What would make you comfortable and less tongue-tied?

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Where is the student from? That could help to guide your questions. For example, if they’re from China, ask about how they’ve found the food in the US, and whether they’ve tried American Chinese food.
If they’re from a Spanish-speaking country, ask about how easy/difficult they find it to speak Spanish to Americans.

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What is the oddest thing you have experienced about America?
What do you miss the most from your country?

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I would ask what has surprised them about America so far.

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Is there anything I can help you with to make your stay easier? Perhaps they can never figure out where the bathroom is, and they know there has to be some trick, but they don’t know what it is.

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You can ask them about their family, if they have siblings.

You might be interested to hear what their school day is like back home. My son visited Germany as an exchange student last June and was pleasantly surprised how short the school day was.

This is your chance to meet someone from a different country. What would you like to know about this person, @rentluva5256?

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I asked more than 10 questions… I ended up married to my exchange student! LOL….

How does their school system works back home? Is it free? Do they have to wear uniforms?

What their favourite food is that is special to their country?

What is the weirdest food they eat in their country?

What new foods have they tried here? What of that did they like and didn’t like?

What type of music do they listen to? Is there a band or singer from their country that they really like?

What is TV like in their country?

Do they play sports or do other things in their free time?

Is the school work harder or easier here compared to what they study at home?

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The usual stuff like family details, his/her school, his/her country, how he/she finds this country, what he/she likes and preferences.

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