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Any Italian Jellies around? Buon anniversario dell'unificazione a tutti!

Asked by Seelix (14862points) March 17th, 2011

Not only is today a day of celebration for our Irish friends; it’s also a memorable day for Italy. Order a pizza to go along with that green beer! Today marks the 150th anniversary of the unification of the Kingdom of Italy!

I’m not Italian, although I’ve adopted the culture as my own and have dedicated my academic life to the study of Italian language, culture and literature.

Are there any Italians lurking about? Have you ever visited Italy? What’s your favourite thing about Italian culture? The food, the music, the architecture, Rudolph Valentino, Roberto Benigni?

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I’m 25% Italian and my heavily guarded family recipe for Lasagna is my favorite part of being Italian. My Grandma really knew how to cook up a storm!

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I am ½ on my fathers side.
like @Cruiser my family recipe for red sauce and for lasagna are guarded and family treasures.
Otherwise, I do share recipies and have on here.
I have visited Florence, and Milan.
Love the food, love the culture, love the music, love the architcture and art, love the passionate blood and family values that were instilled.
vincit omnia veritas

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My maternal grandfather came to the US through Ellis Island from Rome.The art is my favorite! and
yep,lasagne…the recipe for sauce is in The Godfather ;)

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No Irish or Italian in my heritage. I feel so alone. <sigh>

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@lucillelucillelucille My dad’s side of the family came through Ellis Island, too! They’re from Trento.

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St Joesph’s is on saturday zeppole!
I am 75% italian
When I was a baby (less than a year, but approaching it), I stayed in Italy for about two months in an apartment. My greatgrandparents are from Italy. My grandparents are from Libya because of Mussolini.

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Half Italian here. I’m pretty sure I’ve told you that before. I also have the hairy legs and the attachment disorder to prove it.

This is my great-great grandpa Luigi, his wife Christina, and their family. He served as a trumpet player in the Italian Army until the 1890s, he was literate, and he was a total badass. He came over through Ellis Island and lived in a really swingin’ townhouse in New York for a while.

Here is the first page of his Italian Army discharge papers. I also have his immigration papers where it was documented that he was “well literate,” “educated,” “healthy,” and “not a socialist or anarchist.”

Additionally, there is a town in Italy which my surname comes from. It has a Roman government building, a monastery, a market, and a resort villa in it. I’m going there when I graduate college. And I’m going to proclaim myself king.

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All Italian that I know of, my family came here in the early 1800s but have always lived in the tight knit Italian communities that you find all across the United States…..I have never been to Italy but would love to go, I think my favorite thing is the food, that is where all of the females of our family have bonded through the generations with each other…we love to cook and the larger the crowd to cook for, the better. :~P

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I’m not Italian but I will have a
•caffè corretto—coffee “corrected” with a shot of grappa, cognac, or other spirit to celebrate this wonderful day:D

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I’m half Italian & my Dad is NZ Full blood Italian. His parents came over from Italy. My Dad & his siblings were both in his parents 2nd Marriage (1 of the siblings is from my Grandmothers previous marriage). His parents met after they came to New Zealand. My Dad’s Mum is now 84, sadly his Father passed away when I was 2yrs old (I’m now nearly 23). My Grandmother is married for the 3rd time & will have been for 5yrs this year (on my 23rd birthday). I don’t know any Italian – my dad never taught us. Most of my cousins don’t know any Italian either. I have never been to Italy but I would really love to go.

I remember a few times making pasta with my dad with a metal contraption that had a turn hand that was quite hard to move & the pasta would come out the other side. I believe we put the ingrediants in the top. Sadly my Dad gave it away when he moved house – I really would have liked to take it off his hands.

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I am very interested in Renaissance Florence and the Medici…in Visconti and Fellini…but I have always gravitated more towards France. Italy would be my second choice, I think.

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@JilltheTooth What are you if not Irish or Italian?

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@ladymia69 : Pretty much Austrian and Scottish, but I’ve been told by reliable sources (my mean big sisters) that there’s some evil alien DNA in there as well.

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Really? Now I knew we were sisterkin! I am about 50% Austrian AND Scottish (collectively) from my maternal great grandmother’s side (ha!) and my paternal great grandfather’s side. However, another great grandfather (dad’s mom’s dad) was French-Canadian,...which makes me not French, and not Canadian, but French-Canadian

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@JilltheTooth sucks about the evil alien blockages.

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Hybrid vigor, Sweetie, makes me freakishly strong. ;-)

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My dad’s half northern Italian. Outside of Naples (because nobody will ever admit to being from Naples). But to paraphrase one of my favorite lines: “Italy out of the Italic peninsula now!”

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