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Forget about St. Patrick's Day, did you know that it is Submarine Day!

Asked by erichw1504 (26443points) March 17th, 2011

Yes, today is Submarine Day (the underwater boat, not the sandwich). Perhaps Mr. Saint Patrick himself placed his holiday on the same day to overshadow its greatness?

Either way, how will celebrate this wonderful day?

Have you ever been inside a submarine? What are your fondest memories of submarines? What is your favorite submarine? Do we really all live in a yellow submarine?

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The best memory I have of subs are when my mom used to play “Yellow Submarine” for us on the piano.:))

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I used to work on the Trident submarine base at Bangor. They are huge!

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I shall recall fondly the time that my bunch of Scouts got to spend the night aboard the Balao-class U.S.S. Pampanito.

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We have that most awesome U-Boat U-505 submarine display at the Museum of Science and Industry here that is my fav exhibit there. I will hold my breath underwater tonight in the tub in honor of this glorious holiday!

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I will spend a moment to reflect on John Philip Howard, the Irish engineer that developed the first submarine, of course.

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Who would’ve thought? Think I’m gonna go buy myself a model submarine to celebrate, one of those really expensive, detailed ones.

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Think I’m gonna buy myself a sub sandwich to celebrate!

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Its also Evacuation Day in Massachusetts

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I was 6-years old, leaning out of the car window singing Yellow Submarine at the top of my lungs when a friendly passer-by said “That doesn’t look like a yellow submarine.”

22 years later, I still sing We all live in a Blue Subaru

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So it’s a day to celebrate something that’s long, hard & full of seamen? I must let the wife in on this, yeah, baby yeah!

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Theodore Roosevelt was the first US President to ride in a submarine.

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Kiss me, I’m the captain of a nuclear submarine.
Also related

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Plymouth (UK) Navy Days, about 20 years ago. Walked about on the Aircraft Carrier ‘Ark Royal’ – now decommissioned – had a look at some cute helicopters, but highlight of the visit was a tour around a Nuclear Submarine. We met the Chef, who was big; some of the ratings who weren’t and saw the extremely tiny accommodation for all of them. Everywhere was neat, carefully designed for compact living and incredibly tidy. The chaps we spoke with said it took a ‘certain type’ to live successfully in these things, often for several months. They could go for 6 weeks without surfacing (if memory serves) as the air was recycled. Impressive. Couldn’t do it myself!

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<———Check out the picture, I’m dressed and ready. Off to the submarine races!

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The u-boat museum looks like a must I’d love to see it but $50.00 is a bit steep, that’s £30.00 in my money…… still I guess it is a one off, if ever I’m in that neck of the woods I’d plan a day there for definite ;-)
It would be my first time anyway in sub but I do eat sub-way a lot :-/

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@ucme Always hilarious!
@jaytkay Awesome!

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@erichw1504 Virtual hi-5! Actually I may even watch Crimson Tide later on, seems appropriate. Damn fine movie too!

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@Michael_Huntington That is awesome. What’s it like?

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Imagine this:
The first workable submarine was a rowing boat covered with waterproofed skins, built by Dutch scientist Cornelius Van Drebbel in 1620. source

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During the American Civil War, the Confederates fielded a submarine that subsequently sank.

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Love the play on words, sub-sequently Lol…… :-/

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard A submarine that sank. That’s an oxymoron.

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Not to mention, if you’re “fielding” your submarine, you’re doing it wrong. :)

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@Scooby, rimshot!

@erichw1504, as strange as it sounds, it happens!

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@Scooby WOW I didn’t realize the cost went that high!?! I think when I went 3 years ago it was half that but they since redid the exhibit with a massive revamping and putting it indoors and I think they are trying to recoup costs. Go to the coal mine instead as that is a very cool exhibit and I can e-mail you pics of the inside of the sub!

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard But it sank its target on the way down. The first US sub was used in New York Harbor during the American revolution.

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@WestRiverrat, yeah I knew it was successful, relatively speaking. I didn’t know about the revolutionary sub, though. That’s pretty cool. Technology, FTW.

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Submarine day wow that is different. Well the first one that was recorded that I know of was used before Christ was born. The people of Jared came across the oceans in a boat that had stones in them that the finger of God had touched to keep them lit so they would have light while the oceans roared around them. They settled on the American continent there were remnants of them still living and recording their history when the Nephites found them and put some of their records with the Golden Plates.

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@noelleptc I don’t know. Spread a little mayo and add a dash of salt to a submarine and it may just be worth it.

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President Jimmy Carter was a submarine officer and one of the first to join the nuclear navy.

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If you like the mining exhibit, I think you would really enjoy Beamish open air museum in my neck of the woods, if you ever find your way over here, I would suggest a visit.. A great day for all ages & a very interactive experience of the past…… ;-)
I’m checking out the story of U-505 now, fascinating stuff….. :-/

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There is a submarine (HMAS Onslow) at the Sydney Maritime Museum. We went on that with my son when he was about 8. We have 7293473284372 photos of him wearing a sailor hat in a billion poses on ships and the submarine. I am claustrophobic so kudos to those brave submariners who do go out to sea in these vessels. I couldn’t do it – no way!

Well unless it was a sub in the current Aussie navy most of which are not going anywhere at the moment apparently.

Hark what is that clunking noise? Oh a Collins Class Submarine in stealth mode….

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@Scooby That looks very cool! There is one two hours north of me the EAA Museum that hosts one of the largest flyins every summer that I went to and saw every flying machine imaginable!

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I love those kinds of submarines. Just spicy mustard and a pickle.

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Oh boy! My fiancee is a former Navy submariner so… :D we’ll be celebrating.

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“The three most powerful men in the world: the President of the United States of America; the President of the Russian Republic; and the Captain of a United States ballistic missile submarine.” – From the movie Crimson Tide

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