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When you're watching a movie musical, do you sing along out loud & if so what songs do you know by heart?

Asked by ucme (46855points) March 17th, 2011

Don’t really watch any myself, well other than Wizard of Oz maybe. I do remember my mum watching & singing her heart out on numerous occasions. It got so bad the cat went out & shot herself :¬( My Fair Lady….Sound of Music…...Oliver…the list goes on & on. So, do you indulge in a bout of warbling when watching those movies… or perhaps not?

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Yep. Especially if I’m with my sisters, we are all the biggest dorks when it comes to watching musicals.
Chicago is unanimously our favorite, but I will sing along to Rent, Mamma Mia, Phantom of the Opera, Sound of Music, Repo The Genetic Opera… those are just my favorites. I like a lot of musicals, and I’ll sing along with most of them. I sing along with Disney movies, too. ;)

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Definitely. I usually don’t know all of the lyrics, but my sister and I like to watch them together and we make up lyrics that go along with the action. Usually it’s Mamma Mia or West Side Story. It can get really hilarious, because we sometimes make them as ridiculous as possible. Makes the whole musical watching experience, which is already fun and sometimes silly, even more fun.

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Absolutely! I sing along to Phantom of the Opera, West Side Story, My Fair Lady, Moulin Rouge, Mamma Mia (my sister and I just about lost our voices singing along at the stage show), and Disney movies too :)

Oh yeah, I also know all the words to the songs in Cry-Baby!

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Now I want to watch all of these movies.

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No. There’s laws against that sort of thing.

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Sure do, Phantom of the Opera, Sound of Music, Cats, Moulin Rouge, Wizard of Oz…. I sing every single song LOL!

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Yes, and all of them.

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Oh yeah! Grease, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Moulin Rouge

and the classier ones too

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All of the above bar moulin rouge! Also cats my daughter knew the words to cats at two and a half Mr mistofolees was her favourite! So sort of knew it because she wore out two videos of it!!!

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Porgy and Bess, Rocky Horror, Wizard of Oz, Moulin Rouge, South Pacific.
Not Oh Brother Where Art Thou. I enjoy that one too much to ruin it.

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Tea for Two from Grey Gardens – the movie or documentary. Oh my God, it is so funny and only in a queer bar will someone recognize her flag dance. I know from personal experience :) Hehehe. EVERYONE MUST WATCH THE MOVIE, at least. The documentary gets draining, but my God, its fascinating. Love me some crazy arsed Edie Bouvier-Beale!!!

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The other day I kept hearing “The Final Countdown” fanfare type song in the freezer section of the grocery store I was in. I air guit’d that beotch all the way down the isle. I’m 31 years old, going on 5 :) Age is a number and that number means squat. So I’ve been around the sun 31 times. How about you? Age is when you can’t properly wipe your own arse. Can we swear on here? I have a horrible trucker/sailor mouth?

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I always sing along with musicals. I know every single song in Phantom of the Opera. It is my all-time favorite movie/play! I also sing along to Mamma Mia! and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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Broad… way… rhy… thm… it’s… got… me… everybodyDAAAAAAAAANCE!
Out on the gay white way
In each merry cafe,
Orchestras play,
Taking your breath away.
(With a) Broadway rhythm, it’s got me
Everybody sing and dance!

I wish I could link the clip with Frances Langford singing this in Broadway Melody of 1936. She’s magnificent. YouTube took it down. 9 minutes of spectacular. However, I can show the last bit, with the tap dancer who, for my money, was arguably better than Astaire (whom I adore!), and she could certainly keep up with him. He was a little intimidated by her. Eleanor Powell!

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Oh yeah! That is half the fun in watching them (at home, I mean. I would never torture others with my singing!)

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West Side Story, Grease, Fiddler on the Roof, Cinderella (Rogers and Hammerstein), Oklahoma, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. These are my favorites, but I leave the singing to the professionals, lol. I might sing these songs to myself at times, but not while watching the movie.

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Absolutely. My favorites are Man of LaMancha, West Side Story, Rent, Sound of Music, and Guys and Dolls.

All time favorite song from a musical: “Dulcinea” from Man of LaMancha as sung by Placido Domingo. ah, it kills me

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Every single song from Grease, several Disney songs (especially “Be Our Guest”), Oklahoma, Sound of Music.

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@Supacase I’ll admit to still having the Little Mermaid music in my car.My daughter still likes it, too. She’s 17. My son likes a few of the songs. We torture him with our singing!

In fact, most of the animated movies, the songs just get stuck in my head, I can sing them even when they aren’t on!

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I don’t know the whole song by heart, but I remember some of the lyrics from ‘Eyesight to the Blind’, by Eric Clapton from the rock opera “Tommy”.

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Damn! Can’t believe I forgot Tommy! I know all of that one.
Welcome to the camp, I guess you all know why we’re here
My name is Tommy, and I became aware this year….

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“Damn! Can’t believe I forgot Tommy!”

That might be due to what could be called ALS.
I’m not talking about Lou Gehrig’s disease, but instead I’m referring to Andrew Lloyd Syndrome.
This causes many victims to forget other musicals because of the cultural tsunami caused by the endless wave of his stuff. ;-p

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@Brian1946 a genuine laugh out loud, because if you noted my previous posts at all, they include no ALW and your identification of the disease really makes me laugh. I agree.

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My Fair Lady has always been a real favourite of mine, especially on the street where you live the song that Freddie sang outside… in the street lol. The makers of the film had a fascination for dubbing its stars which just about kills me. Freddie was played by a young Jeremy Brett (THE finest Holmes ever) and a man possessing the most beautiful singing voice, (They also dubbed Audrey Hepburns songs too of course). I still have on video christmas carols from Baker Street, and OMG his singing voice was simply stunning <sighs> Dubbing him in the movie was a crime. oooooooo he looked just heartbreakingly beautiful in that film <squeeeeeeeeeeeee> just heart melting :-) GQ as always @ucme thank you <huggles> xx

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Nonsense, tis I who thank you @bunnygrl m’dear :¬)

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aww <grins and throws more huggles for @ucme>

Holmes link won’t work above (don’t know why… odd that) here it is again, and another one just because lol
huggles xx

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