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Do you have to be involved in politics to run for president?

Asked by jballzz (674points) March 17th, 2011

Do you have to involved in politics to run for president? Because I know Donald Trump just announced that he might run for president in 2012 on his roast the other night and a couple of times before that. I thought you had to be involved in politics to run for president, but I might be wrong? As far as I know Donald isn’t involved in politics, but maybe he is?

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No, anyone can run.

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@cockswain Thanks man, all I wanted to know

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If you are running for President, you are involved in politics, no?

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@jaytkay Yeah, as of then you are. But I thought you had to have a career in politics before you could run.

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So who is the most previously-unpolitical president?

Ulysses S Grant?

The most previously-unpolitical presidential candidate I can recall who won a lot of votes was Ross Perot.

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What about Eisenhower?

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What about Eisenhower?

Doh! My fail.

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Honestly, I’m no expert in the immediate post-military lives of Eisenhower or Grant. It’s possible you’re right. I was just wondering.

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I would say Grant & Eisenhower would be equivalents. Recent victors of unprecedented big wars.

Ima high school graduate, so pretty much what I say is true :-)

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Probably to be effective some experience would be helpful. Do you have to be an apprentice before you can be a journeyman electrician?
Jerry Brown ran and won for Governor of California on the basis that he knew how to Govern. A novel idea in an anti incumbant year, but the people GOT IT! Especially after being driven into the ground by Arnie the Governator. Experience matters, even in government.

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Trump is a property developer? He’s in politics deep, trust me. but people like him with huge sums of money to spend can have a shot as long as they can talk the language of the voters and I don’t think people of that ilk can.

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Anyone can run; you won’t stay uninvolved with politics if you run, and your chance of winning are pretty low if you don’t know how to play the game.

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Not really. The chances to win aren’t low because you don’t know the game it’s because you don’t have people behind you to run the campaign.

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apparently not.

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