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What is your favorite song from a movie?

Asked by JmacOroni (3293points) March 18th, 2011

While I’ve been doing the 30 Day Song Challenge, most days have been easy to choose a song. Today’s category, favorite song from a movie, has me struggling to pick a favorite. Between this and @ucme’s question about musicals yesterday, my head is swimming with songs that I love.
I have it narrowed down to these three choices:
Chromaggia (sung by Sarah Brightman)
Lux Aeterna (by Clint Mansell)
and Zydrate Anatomy (also from Repo! The Genetic Opera)
But, the more I think about it, the longer the list gets, and the more difficult it is to choose.
So, what are some of your favorite songs from movies?

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This is probably my favorite.
I like this alot too.:)

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@lucillelucillelucille the first link is, and always has been, one of those songs that gets stuck in my head the second I hear it.. every time. Thanks! ;)

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Blue Danube This soundtrack was the first album I ever bought…I loved it.

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Oh this suits me right down to the ground! The wife go’s apeshit when I perform it in public though…..spoilsport :¬(

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Hard to pick just one but Streets of Philadehphia by the Boss has to be up near the top. The Weary Kind from Crazy Heart is also up there.

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Man of Constant Sorrow from Oh Brother Where Art Thou?

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I don’t know that it’s my favourite song from a movie, but “The Times They are A’Changin’” playing over the intro montage in Watchmen really hit me.

@filmfann – That is one of my favourites!

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Mad World by Gary Jule from Donnie Darko.

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If I Only Had a Brain is surely a favorite, as is I Want it Now.

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How come no one has said The Sacrifice by Michael Nyman from The Piano?

It’s so beautiful!

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My favourite is the instrumental music in the intermission in Kingdom of Heaven. The _Pirates of the Caribbean song “Hoist the Colours” is brilliant too.

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@marinelife Beat me to it!

Also, Lux Aeterna from Requiem for a Dream.

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Not a song, but “Fearless” introduced me to this amazing music: “Lento Sostenuto TranqiIlio ma Cantabile” from Symphony No. 3 (“Symphony of Sorrowful Songs”) written by Henryk Mikolaj Górecki.

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The Sigur Ross song at the end of Vanilla Sky

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There is not enough room in here to list all mine or pick a favorite.
There are great movie songs.
But the ones that fit into the movie greatest ones for me are ones that instantly when heard brings images and feelings out:
Dr Zhivago Lara’s Theme Maurice Jarre
Romeo & Juliet A Time for us Nino Rota
Robin Hood I do it for you Bryan Adams
Wizard of Oz Somewhere over the Rainbow Judy Garland
The Spy who shagged me American Woman Burton Cummings – Loved this song as a kid from Guess Who

So so many more….... Great Question @JmacOroni I will be listening to more of these all day now!!!!

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The organ cover of Mendelssohn’s “March of the War Priests” played in the beginning of “The Abominable Dr Phibes”.

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Theme From A Summer Place by Percy Faith.

Have you really listened to this song???

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Born Slippy from Trainspotting.

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@john65pennington I heard that in the elevator on the way into work :D
@mrmijunte I watched that movie last night! Great Song!

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@mrmijunte I was just listening to that song, yesterday.

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@marinelife My son plays that on the piano. I got to hear it incessantly for four months.

I love Damien Rice’s, The Blower’s Daughter from Closer

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“Mad World” Donni Darko

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Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!

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Band of brothers: blood on the rise

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Cheesy, I know, but love lifts us up where we belong Officer and a gentleman. 1992

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There’s also:
I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston in The Bodyguard,
Kiss from a Rose by Seal in Batman Forever,
Men in Black by Will Smith in Men in Black
I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmtih in Armageddon

All great classics!

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s Moon River

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@blueiiznh “Moon River” was forever repurposed in my mind by Chevy Chase in Fletch.

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@6rant6 almost forgot about that reference. lol

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I’m surprised no one has said “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls. From a musician’s standpoint, that song is very well written.

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the Oompa -Loompa song from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory :D

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I absoluteley tootly love these two tracks from Over The Hedge,both by Ben Folds — Family of me and

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Now We Are Free by Enya from Gladiator
What If You by Joshua Radin from American Pie: Beta House

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