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Can somebody help me find these puzzle websites?

Asked by erichw1504 (26443points) March 18th, 2011

A couple years ago I used to do these “puzzle websites” all the time. They aren’t fancy flash games or anything. Basically it’s a site with web pages that give you clues via an image, text, or maybe a hidden link and you have to figure out the answer. Once you think you have the answer, you usually type it at the end of the URL and it will take you to the next page, if you got it right.

Example: <~ this is the start of the game.

This page will have some clues and stuff on it. If I think the answer is “banana”, I’ll type it in like so:

And so on…

What are these games called? Where can I find them? Have you played them before? What are some good ones?

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From what I can find out, there’s overture facile which I cannot provide a link to, because it’s blacklisted at work (and the site where I found it doesn’t provide a link), and

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Finally found out what they’re usually called: URL riddles or web-hopper riddles.

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Are you thinking of the Tim Tang Test? Drove me crazy for a while…in a good way!

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I’m a big fan of online puzzles myself.This is the website that I use.It’s got plenty of different kinds of puzzles.

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