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how do a crow and a raven differ? How can you tell them apart?

Asked by peggylou (1136points) May 19th, 2007
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And are they good or bad omens?
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Raven is bigger, larger beak, harsher deeper croak, wider tail, and soars as well as flaps.They like to ride the thermals. Crow caws, flaps mostly, is smaller. Flocks of crows will often harry a hawk. Sometimes hard to tell without having them both sitting in front of you waiting to be compared. Get a good birding pocket book, and use binocs (8x32).
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In many cultures (SW Indians, for example) Ravens are considered good totems, but that is an anthropological issue and not an avian one.
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There are several different sub-species of both crows and in different terrains. Birding is fun and can be done w/o expensive equipment or using gas. Just get a feeder.
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raven is bigger and kind of darker…also ravens sound more gravelly and harsh

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