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Which of the following do you distrust the most?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) March 18th, 2011

There are three catagories to select from: A. car salesman, B. criminal lawyer, C. the milkman. Have you had a bad, personal experience with any of these three? Question: if so, what was your experience and what was the outcome?

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I have never had an experience with a milkman.

Car salesmen are very hit or miss. I have dealt with some who were just total d-bags and lied to my face, and others who were extremely accommodating honest and nice.

I have very limited experience with laywers, but it was positive.

If I HAD to pick one I would say lawyers, but only because if you pay them they will side with you even if they know you did something wrong.

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A. Somehow convinced me to lease a bicycle.
B. Turned me into the criminal.
C. We always bought our milk at the store, so why does he come by?

So, who do I distrust the most? That’s a hard choice…

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I’ve only really had experience with A. the car salesman, so I’m reacting to abstractions here, but here goes:

My relationship with the car salesman is always going to be somewhat adversarial. In a sense we kind of depend on each other, but our interests are opposed: he wants as much of my money as he can get, and I want to give him the least possible. That sets up an inevitable conflict, all masked behind a veneer of amiability, and it’s that false friendliness that’s most disturbing and inspires mistrust.

The criminal lawyer will be very manipulative when he needs to be, but I fully recognize that what he does is absolutely vital to the function of justice. Our system depends on having defenders who will spare no effort in mounting a vigorous defense of even the most unsavory people. It may not earn them much esteem from the public, but it serves our collective good. I may not trust the version of facts that they present, but I don’t feel that they’re the adversary in the picture, working against my interests (although I’m sure @john65pennington may see this differently).

As for the milkman, I have absolutely no grounds for either trusting or mistrusting him.

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JLawyer. I’d never hire one. If I am guilty, would plead so like a man and pay the price. If not guilty would represent myself because who better than me could tell the truth about what happened, or didn’t happen. I’d never hire a stranger to be in control of my fate when its me who is most invested and can best prove or disprove the false accusations.

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I don’t distrust any of them as a class. I tend to treat people as individuals.

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Milkman? What? Is there still such a thing? I haven’t seen one of them since I was a child.

I don’t trust lawyers.

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I’ve never had a bad experience with a milkman. I’ve never had any experiences at all with car salesmen or criminal lawyers. The ones I really don’t trust are politicians.

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When is the last time anyone has seen a milkman? I thought milk deliveries died in the 60s.
A criminal lawyer will do you the best if you’ve got the cash.
Dunno if same could be said for a car salesman [in particular a used-car salesman].

@12Oaks a man represented pro se is a fool represented by a fool.

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we had milk delivered until about 1990. Very fetching, he was

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I don’t really distrust any of them as a group. Met a few dodgy car salesmen…never had to deal with a criminal lawyer (thank goodness) and we don’t have a milkman.

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@anartist there is still mik delivery in my area but I don’t use it. I stopped one hot summer when the milk got left out on the doorstep every day in the hot sun, and was off by the time i got home from work. Even though I left notes for him every day to leave it in the porch (which was unlocked) where it was shady.

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