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What is Tumblr?

Asked by coffeenut (6171points) March 18th, 2011

So….Every once and awhile we get new users who join solely to ask for followers for this site…..

what is Tumblr…..and why do they need other to follow them? (some kind of follower scoring system….?)

Needing them bad enough to ask strangers on a different site to do follow them…... that would be like getting Fluther followers from YouTube….

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It’s some sort of blogging website. So, the more people that follow you, the more popular your blog will become. You can probably also make a lot of money if you set up advertising, but I’m not sure if Tumblr offers that.

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I once asked a question about how to get more Fluther followers on Yahoo! Answers and everybody said either: “What is Fluther?” or “ZOMG!!!11 LOLz! Ur so gayz!!!*”

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It’s a micro-blogging site. You post things, and then people that follow you see them. I don’t know how to describe it better than that, so allow me to suggest that you simply click here and you can get a better idea – that’s one of my favorite tumblrs. I also enjoy The Daily What, a really popular tumblr Most people that are looking to get followers are really new, and thus think it’s more like Facebook, where the number of friends is a status symbol, and where you interact much more with friends. If your tumblr becomes really big, you can set up advertising and make lots of money off of it, but I think most people just are under the impression that it’s a lot more interactive than it really is.

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Its a blogging site, similar to Twitter. People just want more publicity and more readers for their blogs. There’s no scoring system that I know of. It’s just for more traffic.

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There used to be a “scoring” system called Tumblarity, which claimed to be awarded based on how many followers you had, how many posts you made, how many times your posts were “liked” or reblogged, &c… Nobody could ever make any sense of whatever formula was used; it seemed completely arbitrary. It disappeared shortly after I joined the site and I hope it never comes back. It was ridiculous. Not that the whole site in general isn’t ridiculous… (I still love it, though.)

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