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What are the most overused phrases going around right now?

Asked by erichw1504 (26398points) March 18th, 2011

You’ve heard them, they’re going around like the plague and you just want to go all Van Gogh on yourself. But since you most likely won’t cut off you own ear in order to stop hearing these annoying phrases, let’s vent!

Some don’t make sense, some are stupid, and some just make you want to lose your lunch.

So, what phrases or sayings do you keep hearing? Can you explain where they came from and what they mean? For how long has it been going around?

Use them in context if you must.

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I am sick of…

“That’s cray, cray!” (crazy)
“She’s jeal, jeal.” (jealous)
“True story.” at the end of any story possible.
“Jus’ sayin’.” at the end of many statements.

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Like, this one has been around for years, but, like, I don’t understand why it hasn’t been squashed and how it, like, has spread to other countries.

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Awesome. God I hate it.

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and any other form of text speak

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@hawaii_jake Especially spoken aloud! “El Oh El!”

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I heard someone say “Oh Em Gee” and I thought I would puke.

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@hawaii_jake YEEESSS! YEEEESSS!!!! THE worst!

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“Well, I’ll tell you what!” As if some momentous thing is about to offered.

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I think that it’s WIN-ning! <>

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@MissA Actually, it’s “DUH, WIN-ning!”

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Friend and Friending. Thanks a lot, Zuckerberg!

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@Austinlad Don’t forget “Hey man, Facebook me!”

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“Let me be clear” gets annoying, especially since it’s usually followed up by some long-winded nonsensical ego-driven claptrap that is anything but clear.

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Anything to do with facebook or twitter.

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“Fail”, “epic fail”, etc. is used hella much.

@hawaii_jake I say “Zoh my God (ZOMG)” out loud as a sarcastic surprised reaction. I also have begun saying “lawl” out loud as a sarcastic laughing reaction, usually when my annoying roommate says something not funny or makes fun of me in some way…


“We’ll Facebook tonight” <—my friend to me.


In 11th grade, my friend and I started using those abbreves as a joke, like “totes perf”, “probs”, “mabes”, “obvi”, “hilar”, even “totes embarr”. Then we just got hooked on it…

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Been around a while now but I want to spit feathers whenever it’s uttered. Just one word, on it’s own & in context entirely harmless. However when said with arrogance, usually accompanied with the forming of it’s first letter using their fingers, Whateverrrrr!!! Someone pass me a big knife please :¬(

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Death panels

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I also dislike the phrase “brah”, used in place of “bro”.

Ex: “What up brah?”

I am not an over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder!

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Here’s another one: the ”-sauce” suffix. “Weaksauce”, “lamesauce”, “gaysauce”, etc.

@erichw1504 That roommate that I mentioned earlier, the one we all hate, he uses “brah”. It’s the ultimate word that instantly establishes a person as a complete and utter tool…

@ucme “Whatever” is what you say when you’re too proud/embarrassed to admit you’re wrong…

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We’ve got to think outside the box, people!

Get a clue. There is no fucking box!

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@DominicX Another suffix: ”-age”.

Ex: “That is total dopage!”, “Awesomage!”

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My Badd is getting old. Even though I still like to use it.

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@DominicX Annoying whatever the intent!

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“Totes magotes!” really irks me..

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Amazing it’s the new Awesome

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I think “nice!” (in response to something cool) is overused. Mainly by me…

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Not a phrase as much as a word but I’m sick of hearing people put ‘innit’ at the end of every sentance example

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We are gifting….
We’re giving back to the community….
But, wait ! Call in the next five minutes and we’ll double the offer! when you only want one.

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nuclear radiation

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True story, I use most of these. ;) But almost always in snarky/satirical context. I love the discouraged look on people’s faces when they tell me something they think I should find hilarious and I respond with a sarcastic “el oh el!” I also think the reaction faces to “OH EM GEE!” after a stupid story that I ‘should’ think is amazing are comedy gold.

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I have a friend from London who constantly says (if he finds something slightly amusing), “Oh, massive, massive LOLs and ROFLs. Massive.”

So. Not only has he got the internet acronym thing down, he’s also got the chavvy “massive” going on, too. thhhpppt!

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WTF it’s now okay for family TV time?

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I use several of these, but will defend only “Nice!” It’s when I don’t wish to offend and silence would be interpreted to mean, “What, have you lost your mind? Are you really that stupid?” when I’m really thinking, “What, have you lost your mind? Are you really that stupid?”

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Ground Zero. I hear the newspeople use it here for any thing that happens. A house fire and they are interviewing the firemen at “ground zero”.

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“ginned up” and “vitriol” were thrown around a lot recently. Beyond that, I still love all the Sheen quotes.

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My Bad

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…iPad 2…

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I don’t live in an English-speaking community, so most of my verbal pet peeves will mean nothing to you.
But some of them are cross-linguistically common. For example, the use of sugar-coating euphemisms for things that are genuinely nasty enough to deserve all the negative connotations they keep getting. For instance, euphemisms for firing people include “letting them go” or “letting them flow away”. If it’s due to budget cuts, the company is “slimming down”, apparently using the starvation diet approach.

Also, this. We may not have these particular logically inconsistent advertisement “magic words” here, but trust me when I say ours are equally inane, and equally insulting to the intellect of their customers.

Incidentally, cutting off your ears wouldn’t actually render you deaf, you’d have to mess up your eardrums way inside your skull for that.

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Nobody mentioned “crisis”? Everything is a crisis these days, from the economy to Bahrain, Egypt and Libya to Japan (where it may actually be true).

I love the government’s misuse and overuse (misoveruse?) of “investment”. Every program to give away more of my money to someone else is an “investment”. We invest in children, financial recovery, roads and bridges and other infrastructure (oh, there’s another one: “infrastructure”) and I never get any richer. Aren’t investments supposed to have a payoff? Don’t let’s get started about my “investment” in Social Security.

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Get a life.

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Oh, and “owned”, “ownage”, “pwned” (and any potential variation on that). And any other 1337 (leet-speakage) you care to name. Including the term ‘leet-speakage’.

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“For your convenience” we are shutting down your (fill in word like Restroom) temporarily.LOL
“Please stay on the line for this important messa…..” CLICK.
Will you please take six hours to answer our customer appreciation surve…” CLICK

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How about in airports, “This is a very special announcement. For your security…” repeated every five minutes?

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Dude. I have an epic pile of homework.
Man that was an epic win.


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@deni Thank you for that epic post. :-)

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“That’s gay”
“Yeah, bro.”
“You jelly?”
“Like, legit”
“Dude, that is soooo sketchy.”
“Like, for realllzzz.”

I hate them all!

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@KatetheGreat How could I forget “that’s so gay”? So annoying…that and “no homo”.

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What does No homo mean?

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It’s what “bros” and other straight guys say when they do something that might be perceived as gay, but want to maintain their status as a non-fruity heterosexual. It’s really a spawn of insecurity more than anything. Such as “I really want to give you a hug right now, no homo” or “that guy’s ripped, no homo”, etc…

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Hey, I like your shirt. NO HOMO!!!!!!!!!!!!! oooooooooooooooh my god kill me

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Oh, thanks, never heard that before. It makes no sense.

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@DominicX Lol…..i admit, I love abbreviated words. It’s totally imposs to not use them.

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” You know….........?”

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“You’re so big, Michael_huntington!”

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Marketing stuff like “It just works” and “Windows 7 was my idea” are some of those overused things I like to joke about.

But when people really say them, seriously, in a conversation… Ugh.

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“Incidentally, cutting off your ears wouldn’t actually render you deaf, you’d have to mess up your eardrums way inside your skull for that.”


“Let me be clear” gets annoying, especially since it’s usually followed up by some long-winded nonsensical ego-driven claptrap that is anything but clear.”

really gave me a much-needed laugh. I love you guys for all of these. Now I know what will bring me a good old belly laugh.

Where did “My Bad” originate?

Thanks, everyone.

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“on the ground”

runner up “prioritize” and other modern noun abuse.

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“This is totally epic guys!,” OMG my new teacher’s epic!!!!” etc.
Of course, I participate in that too :)

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“Moving forward!” Grrrrrrrr! I HATE that! Which way WOULD you be moving, “backward?” SHRIEK!

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hahahhahaha I just heard that line from some movie, can’t remember the name of it, and now it’s stuck in my head. I join in your SHRIEK @CaptainHarley

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@CaptainHarley You’re a Captain, so let’s hear from your expert opinion…. When you row a boat, which way is the rower going?

CaptainHarley's avatar

You always row with your back to the direction of travel. This gives you more leverage on the oars.

12Oaks's avatar

So you’d be moving “backward”, like you questioned above. Just messing with ya. Smile, have fun. :-)

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This is my serious face!

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Passed Passed what? I want to ask, passed the finish line? Don’t people die anymore?

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By the time I finished editing,
I had nothing left to say. ><

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Oh, ha ha. Verily my body is wracked with hysterical laughter. : /

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@Adagio Yes. Yes. Yes.
Passed past.
Departed this venue.

Don’t be afraid of dying.

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“Pics or it didn’t happen”.

Y’all are a bunch of perverts.

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Reminds me of “Tits or GTFO”. :P

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At the end of the day.
Moving forward.
My bad.
That’s gay.

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Pot, meet Kettle! : )

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When I row I move forward (watch the video).

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I HATE it when people,even friends at school say “That’s so gay..” WTF?
It seems like everything,even the computers at school are gay…
what is up with that?

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As a response to thanking someone, I hate to hear “no problem.”

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