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Facebook dilema what would you do?

Asked by sakura (8260points) March 18th, 2011

So its comic relief night over here in the UK which is basically a night of comedy and very heart rendering films to raise money for charity a.friend put on his status that he was sipping fine ale and watching said programme others comments that followed were of similar vein alcohol and comic relief. However this time round I chose to watch my fav rugby team and sky plus comic relief so put a comment to my friend that said so you not watching fab team as I am come on my fav team! To which he replied sorry but somethings are more important than yourself! Which I thought was a bit abrupt so my hubby retorted so that would be you watching starving children on tv whilst drinking “fine ale” eating crisps in central heated house? We have already donated to said charity I have raced for cancer twice and will be doing it again this year and my hubby climbed the 3 highest peaks in UK in 24 hours last year for charity am I right to be upset by what I felt was an unnecessary remark about my sincerity just because am not watching a fund raising programme live? Or am I in the wrong for proclaiming my devotion to my fav team on his status? I am open to both sides just try.not being too abusive genuine thoughts only please

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First, edit and punctuate.

Just ignore it. It sounds like an inconsequential interaction with someone being unecessarily curt.

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Never let anyone tell you how to be charitable and don’t try to justify how you give or don’t give. It should always be from the heart…your heart. Your friend may have been trying to put you on a guilt trip.

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Thanks guys @AmWiser I try not to shout about any donations I make and thought it was a bit double standard to be stating you are drinking fine ale and settling to watch comic relief! I think charity is important and felt like he was trying to make me feel bad but wasnt sure if I was just being paranoid!

Sorry for no punctuation etc.. On my phone and the keys are being a pain as is predictive text!

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_i will edit and punctuate tomorrow if needed but quarter past midnight and I m going to bed!

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It’s only Facebook – don’t take it too seriously.

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…and you care what this guy said because…? He matters? You suspect it’s true? You believe people should know what people watch on television and be judged by it?

You’re overreacting. It’s none of his business what you’re watching.

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They’re just upset because they just want everyone to participate and are upset because somebody isn’t doing what they want them to… @BarnacleBill and @incendiary_dan said, just ignore it. no biggie, we all believe you are a charitable person. Smile. Shrug it off and enjoy life – it’s to short to worry about little things.

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It is too easy to misunderstand and read tone into a written remark that the writer did not intend.

I would talk to (not write) your friend and clear the air.

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The people that complained probably had no idea that you had contributed so much to so many worthy causes. You could just calmly remind them that you have (and name them if you want to) and say that you were taping the comic relief show, but you also feel a loyalty and a passion toward your sports team.

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All sorted he replied that yes we are fortunate to be on sofa etc… Thats why we donate so I gently told him the things me and hubby do with smiley faces so I am going to let it slide. Thanks guys I was feeling a bit low about it, but I think he was just being akward on purpose to wind me up.

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I don’t tend to watch those charity programmes (Children in Need being the other big one) at all. I didn’t realise you had to watch them in order to care/donate.

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This is exactly why I do not converse on Facebook.

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If he’s telling people that he’s drinking fine ale & donating to charity while watching a charity show. He’s telling people that he’s more superior than anyone else. No matter what you replied, it wouldn’t have changed his opinion of himself. It sounds like he needed someone to back him up on his inferiority complex. Or he’s commenting on society & how ironic it is that whilst most people suffer hardships everyday. There’s a small class that can still donate & deal with their insecurities from behind a TV & need to drink. Either way, he’s giving a shout out saying he could do with some help with his insecurities.

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