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Why don't the arrow keys on my computer work properly?

Asked by dxs (14503points) March 18th, 2011

My laptop, toshiba, microsoft 7 (the one where microsoft word’s tabs are all laid across on the top), is not working right. Whenever I use the arrow keys, especially in flash players, they always tend to get “held down”. Example is when I press the arrow key once, it will keep going that way and won’t stop until I type that same key again. Anyone else have this problem or is it specifically my computer? It has been going on from (literally) the first day I bought it.

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sounds like something with the key is sticking. Have you contacted toshiba?

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I don’t think that is it because it is only those keys, and none near them. I’ll check right now.
[Edit]: they seem to only work wrong on certain things, like/especially flash players.

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Check your drivers! Or, if your really screwed, you might need to do some registry re-mapping. If those terms sound strange do a quick google search.

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I noticed this problem on an Apple so I also downloaded Safari for my PC and the arrow keys don’t work.

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