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Whats the best way to connect teammates in another country?

Asked by VoodooLogic (724points) April 17th, 2008

I’m looking for a simplistic way my team and I can link up to one another at various times and locations. Current resources include an Email Group and a team Bulletin Board (php).

I’m traveling for a rugby tournament in Ireland (from USA). I’m going to get a pre-paid phone, I suspect others will too. Online access during the tournament will be restricted to those who carry computers,and the hotel lobby. How can I logistically organize a group of 40+ non-geeks (polite way to say jocks) with different arrival times, new contact numbers, and various locations?

no idea is too crazy.

I know we all will meet up at a certain time and place when the tournament is about to start. But contact info prior to meeting is a top priority to assist in accounting for all our players.

Any coaches out there?


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I’m guessing all members have mobile phones, so one option is SMS/TXT….it’s quick, easy and relatively cheap way of getting a message out.

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ah, and one person is the central hub? We do have a club secretary… =)

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well there you go. The secretary could act as the hub or relay. That way all messages are also stored with them in case someone can’t retrieve messages on their phone.

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Human relay powered with Google online spreadsheet. Nice.

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