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Is there such a thing as detachable rollerblades?

Asked by Fyrius (14542points) March 19th, 2011

It’s an idea I came up with a while ago while writing a story. Inline skates with a wheel frame that can be detached and clicked back on at will, so they can double as regular shoes.
Does anything like this actually exist? Is it feasible? If so, I want a pair. :D

This is part of a long-standing interest of mine in portable modes of transport that don’t get in the way when you aren’t using them.

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That’s pretty much exactly what I’m looking for. :D

Next time I’ll use Google first.

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There are such things…
There’s the actual inline skate shoe –
there’s just the detachable quadline wheels –

I want something like the wheels with the velcro but not quad’s – I want just some really small blades that i can throw into my bag! If anyone finds anything smal like this please let me know!

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Isn’t what @ragingloli linked to what you’re looking for?
The brand is called hypno skates. These are detachable in-line skates. I’ve bought a pair by now, the wheel frames fit easily into my backpack.

I don’t think you’ll find in-line skate wheel frames that you can attach to any shoe. This is possible with four-wheel skates because those are nicely stable, but for in-line skates I don’t think it would be safe. They wouldn’t stay put.

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Yup, it does exist. I’ve owned a pair for a while. (Still do, strictly speaking, but one of them is broken now.)
On mine, that clamp at the heel went up a lot higher, though, and it was secured just below the rim of the boot. That’s for stability.

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This question is almost 2 years old. Way to necro bump a thread.

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