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Ziepod podcast query...?

Asked by arthurbach4 (6points) April 17th, 2008

I have been using Ziepod for about 6 months now as my podcast catcher and for some reason it has just stopped retrieving new episodes of my subscriptions.

Even when I force it to (normally it looks for new eps on startup) it won’t find anything.

I know there are new eps there because when I tried using juicer (podcast program) and it found them easily. The problem is I hate the interface on Juicer but I love Ziepod’s.

I tried completely uninstalling Ziepod and re-installing the latest version of but it did the same thing.

Any ideas?


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I used to use juicer when it was called ipodder. I switched when iTunes began rss support. Is there a specific reason you need ziepod? Any news reader, online or offline would do. I use google reader myself for when I’m away from the computer.

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