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awwww…... He was just a baby… tears

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Oh no! Rest in peace knut…and don’t worry your cute soul.,,we’ll find the one responsible…

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No. Such sad news.

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Oh my goodness how sad! I love polar bears… that is sad news : (

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I cant bear it! :-(

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That’s really sad. To be have that connection with an animal for so long and then find it like that.

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Poor Knut. Poor Thomas.

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Poor Knut. He was still so young.

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Poor thing. I guess that is why mom abandoned it. She knew he wouldn’t survive long or at least sensed he wasn’t very healthy.
Of course it could be he needed moms nutrients to make him strong. I guess we will never know. At least he got 5 years. Its better than zero. I’m sure not all bears in the wild even make it past the first year.

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So many more polar bears have died while we were just talking about this…that’s the truly sad thing.

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Oh, pauvre!

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Oh that’s so, so sad. Brings tears to my eyes. Poor Knut. I love Polar Bears too. I hope they find out what happened.

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White fluffy carpet anyone?

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so sorry to hear knut passed although I only seen him on video. he looked like such a lovely bear. I love bears myself .

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Poor little Knut.

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