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Bored,what should I do?

Asked by MilkyWay (13713points) March 19th, 2011

I’m not in a very mobile situation right now…bit bed bound.
I’m very bored and don’t know what to do. I’ve tried playing games online,listening to my mp3 and reading,but it’s not working.
Any ideas?

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Write a book.

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Watch a movie? Throw on some TV—I watch little kids TV (like the shows my younger sister and I used to watch when I lived at home) sometimes when I don’t want to get out of bed and am feeling lazy. What about some games – from the newspaper? Crosswords, etc…

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Do a crossword puzzle on paper. Sort out all your old photographs, write info about them on the back so people will know about them 50 years from now.

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lol ;o)

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Try your hand at writing poetry in iambic pentameter.

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Write a letter to a friend.

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Ask everyone on Fluther to give you a subject to read about online, then research those topics.

If you’re artistic, start making sets of postcards or notecards to give people as Christmas presents. Think about what you can make now and put away to give as gifts. Check out Instructibles for new ideas.

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Free online education. Google key words to find .edu tutorials on the subject of your present curiosity. Or search Wikipedia & follow links up or down until you feel like you learned something. Painless fun.~

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draw pictures.
watch anime

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Websites: The Daily What, Tumblr, XKCD, someecards, cuteoverload, Engrish, HaikuGlennBeck, 1000 Awesome Things, Lamebook, texts from last night, FML, Parents Shouldn’t Text, The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks, youshouldhaveseenthis,
Do a crossword
Do a sudoku
Read something else
Learn origami
Watch tv: Golden Girls, Wings, That Girl, Arrested Development, Becker, Burn Notice, The Nanny
Wikisurf (where you just keep clicking on the interesting links in Wikipedia)
Create a new station on Pandora
Smoke some weed
Look at pictures of kittens and puppies (or other baby animals)
Read a classic on Project Gutenberg
Watch stand-up comedy on Hulu

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@MyNewtBoobs, Portlandia on Hulu is a hoot.

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Hey I should have asked this question 2 weeks ago I’ve been bored stupid for the past 2 weeks being sofa bound after having my appendix removed!!
I kept sane by catching up on dvd’s I hadn’t watched for ages, facebook, fluther and thankfully I teach so I had paperwork I could catch up on!!

Good luck try getting someone to buy you a colouring book and a decent set of felt pens!

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Oh.. join Second Life online. It’s quite good fun. Loads of places to explore.

I also like to stream tv shows on demand.. where ever you can find them.

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pluck your eyebrows

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Learn some new skills. Practical stuff. It’ll give you something to look forward to for when you aren’t so bed bound.

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Look on this as an opportunity to learn something new… find some subjects you think you might like and read a book or two about them. If you can access your computer easily, do some online research. Get interested in something and get totally carried away in learning about it! : )

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Interview your family for a potential Biography of Queenie’s Family.

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I’m sorry to hear that you are bed-bound and hope it isn’t serious. Without knowing what you like, it’s hard to customize suggestions to your preferences. Here are a few suggestions:

* Peruse the Top 100 Books That Everyone Should Read at Least Once and read at least one of them.
* If you have electronic photos, adapt @zenvelo ‘s suggestion and create an electronic photo album. There are several sites that are set up for creating albums, and you can share them with your family and friends.
* Do you have any interest in genealogy? If so, sign up for and create a family tree. It’s fascinating what turns up with all of the records that the site has on file.
* Learn a new language. My SO is taking Rosetta Stone’s French courses, and he’s really enjoying it.

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Post pictures of your dream patio.

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Teach yourself a new language. Sometimes I study Mandarin Chinese by listening to Pimsleur’s audio course from the library combined with a lonely planet phrasebook. You can youtube “Ni Hao Kai Lan” which is a lot like a Chinese Dora the Explorer, at the very beginning. Once you’re a little better, move on to “Da tou erzi, xiao tou baba” (big head father, little head son… seriously!), a children’s show which is all in Chinese but uses pretty simple vocabulary. After that, try watching a few movies in Chinese with subtitles and see what you pick up. You could go for martial arts films, but there are many great Chinese movies that have a slower pace. I loved The Road Home, Three Times,, and Zhou Yu’s Train.

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Do a jigsaw? (I haven’t done one of those for years)
I love @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard‘s idea. Write a book! I would love to have time to just sit and write. I have book ideas in my head that really want to get out.
Write your life story if you can’t think of an idea for a novel.
Ask someone if they have an electronic chess game? Play chess?
Make a model plane/ship/something.
Take up knitting/crochet (you could even knit things for children in poor countries with cold climates).
Do a cross stitch picture. They take HOURS.
See if there are any of those charities in your area where you telephone an old person each day to see how they are? We have that system here. You just phone for a chat but it is also a. connecting them with the community and b. making sure they are safe and well. You might make a friend.
Reorganise all your photos in your photo albums?
Take an online writing course (or something similar?) I did a writing course that lasted about five weeks when I was stuck at home for a few weeks.

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make prank calls, invite somebody over to be next to you, do some sudoku, call family.

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lol@make prank calls. I like that one @reijinni. That should give you no end of laughs @queenie. Hope you don’t have stitches…........

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Visit but be careful, it can become habit forming.

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Thanks guys, as a matter of fact @Mz_Lizzy , I do have stitches…on my leg ; ) lolz!
I do like to write,and have started on my first book actually,so fingers crossed,I may have enough time to finish it off ; D

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