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How come I don't have a "privateer" award?

Asked by anartist (14779points) March 19th, 2011

Anyone else in the 10k mansion missing their little red badge?

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Did you earn it and it is just not showing up? The awards element of the site is broken right now.

The founders are working on it on weekends and in their spare time.

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Im sure youll get it…just be patient

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it ok I’ve not reached the mansion just yet but there area few awards I’m due too!!
PS: CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!!! on your 10k can I come to the party, please?

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Flutherbot’s award function is down…

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Thanks all!
@sakura would love to have you but most of guests are gone now . All that’s left may be some stale flat beer and wilting streamers. Still, maybe a straggler or 2 there

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Yep, I’m missing it too. And I made it in less than a week after you.

So who knows.

I probably never would have noticed if not for this question.

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When the awards function is back, will our AWOL awards arrive? Or will we need to win them again?

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I think that all the awards will be given retroactively when it gets fixed. Can’t swear to it, though.

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Whenever someone says “the founders” I think of Ben Franklin and Tom Jefferson, heheheh! I don’t have a clue what awards I have, I never look. Maybe I should start.

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This question made me curious so I went to check on how many awards I have and I can’t find them. Where do you look to find your awards???

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I just earned a major award and got it posted by a couple others still remain in lim-BO. Limbo is a very cool word. LimBooooo

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@rooeytoo On your profile page, there should be a tab near the top that says “awards”.

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@augustlan please tell us there will be a biiggg announcement when the awards function is working again.

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Because you haven’t shown your privates yet.

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@erichw1504 and what awards are you hanging back on disclosing a need for?

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@anartist only the greatest ones.

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Hi I am new to this site and it said I earned awards but nothing has shown in days in my awards section, I still have a 0 there. Will the back ones just pop up?

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@creative1 We’re still working on it, and aren’t sure yet if the ones you’ve already earned will post retroactively or not, yet. We hope so, though! :)

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