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If I have songs I downloaded on my iPod from someone else computer can I put those songs on my computer?

Asked by iCeskate (451points) April 17th, 2008 from iPhone
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I’ve heard it was possible but I’ve never found anyone who knew how to do it

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I believe you need third party software. Is it a PC or Mac

[I’m on a Mac, yuk, yuk]

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I have a pc (microsoft)

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I’m also curious about this, but I’m on a Mac.

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A free thing too…

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@peedub, thanks for the link!

Does anyone know any free alternatives?

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@dan- Read some of the recommendations here.

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@peedub, thanks a whole lot. Looks like theres is a lot of good advice there.

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does this answer my q???

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What question are you referring to?

The link I provided was intended to show you which software you needed to achieve your goal.

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peedub, you’re absolutely brilliant. I also have tunes stashes on an old fourth-generation iPod in “Apple Lossless” format that I could transfer to MacBook using the software you recommended. I thought DRM would make this kind of software illegal. I’ve got all my original CDs and also I’ve got all the tunes backed up on a couple of external hard drives, but the software is good to know about because it becomes another option for tune storage.

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No psyla, you are.

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