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I am about to watch Eraserhead. Is it a waste of time?

Asked by Jude (32134points) March 19th, 2011

Looks awfully bizarre, and it’s Lynch, so, you know…

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it did nothing for me. But I am unsure of your tastes…..

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Personally, I love it. It’s very unique, artsy and be warned, disturbing. But it’s a great experience. People have all sorts of different interpretations of what goes on, and it’s fun for fans to exchange theories and all. I hope you’ll like it enough to give us feedback on what you thought. Hell, it would be cool to see what you thought even if you don’t enjoy it.

Well, have fun, hopefully. :)

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It’s Lynchy-Lynch. It’s also crap, but at least it’s Lynchy-crap.
Just remember, the noises under the sink are more important than the conversation. But be polite, and pretend not to hear them.

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I think it was his film school project. Strange. Why not watch it?

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@filmfann is right. The dialogue in this is extremely horrendous. It’s all the symbolism you have to pay attention to. :)

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It’s an odd flick, but I think it’s brilliant. Even if you end up not enjoying it, it’s a good one to watch. If you’re a fan of David Lynch, then it’s a must!

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It’s so pretty. I didn’t really care about the actual goings on. It just looks really damn good.

A question you may find relevant that I asked on another account.

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you should probably watch it if for no other reason than to be able to say you did. It did nothing for me but that’s just me.

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I would not call it crap. I don’t think it would be a waste of time for anyone, though they might think so. I am glad those people saw it.

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@Zaku Hell yeah, man. :)

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It proves that some babies don’t resemble tiny ugly old men.

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Yeah man, not when you use cow fetuses to portray your babies with lol.

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I tried to watch it before, and I just couldn’t get it. Gonna watch it after “Ilsa, Shewolf of the SS”

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That was Eraserhead’s comic relief. ^^

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