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What's the best modern update of a video game you've ever played?

Asked by Joker94 (8175points) March 19th, 2011

Kind of self-explanatory. I only ask because the new Mortal Kombat demo was phenomenal. I’d say mine would be New Super Mario Bros. It kept a lot of what made the originals great while adding some clever updates, abilities, and uses of the touchscreen.

Your thoughts? Also, what made it so dang good?

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Yeah, that MK demo kicked ass. Off the top of my head, I guess I have to say Final Fantasy Tactics The War of the Lions. Not much of an upgrade, but they changed a lot of the dialogue, and it’s completely epic. Plus, some additional bonus content. Damn good game.

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I still can’t get into FF..13 wasn’t my cup of tea, y’know?
I loved MK. The x-ray moves were mah favorite

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FF 13 fucking sucks. You should try some of the older ones, they’re nothing like that crap. And yeah haha, that X-Ray thing is great, and not too hard to pull off either. One thing about this MK game? FINALLY, I’m happy they made it so that the life bar can withstand more than ten hits lol. XD

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13’s combat just blew. It’s like they took the approach of Kingdom Hearts and held your hand through fighting.
I haven’t played an MK in forever, the last one I played might have been the original…but it is SO much better than Street Fighter.

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I love Street Fighter, especially Alpha. It’s also a lot more playable than MK. Controls are much more smoother, and I like how the characters all really play differently, unlike MK, where it’s more or less all the same. But that isn’t me bashing the game. MK is a fine series, plus it’s way more badass with its stories and undead ninjas. Last I played was Deception, not too bad at all. Konquest Mode is really addicting lol.

And I hate Kingdom Hearts lol.

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Can’t get into Street Fighter, IV kind of bored me :/

gasp You don’t like Kingdom Hearts?!

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I never played the fourth game…didn’t look too hot, but I guess I should play it first, before deciding anything.

And nah, KH isn’t in my tastes much. I’m sure it’s great for what it is, but I need something more depressing than that lol. Didn’t like the first one…gummy ships, Selphie kicking my ass with a skipping rope, what is this lol?

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Gummy ships were just..ugh…I’ll give that one to you, haha. It’s not too depressing, yeah, but it gets ridiculously convoluted as it goes on.

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Like Harry Potter? :D If so, I might give it another shot…

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Similar, yeah! Somehow they tie in amnesia, Sephiroth, and existentialism all by the time the second one rolls around.

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I loved Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto 4, God of War 3, Fallout 3, are amongst my many favorites.

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