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What does your day to day looks like?

Asked by Alana2009 (132points) March 19th, 2011 from iPhone

I’m especially interested to hear from people that are unemployed or stay-home-moms.

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Right now I have a daughter that is medically necessary so my days are filled with doctors appointments, early intervention, going to the store, cleaning the house, long nights when she is sick. Recently I came up with a plan that will allow me to work full-time when she is well and be there when she isn’t. I am going to be a Real Estate Agent, they work for themselves so you make your own hours. The hardest part of that is the market isn’t that great right now but the way I figure everything thing out is that by the time I gain experience the market will come back.

The main thing whether you are unemployed or just home with the kids, keep busy and have a plan for your day.

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I work five days a week and fight tooth and nail to not work on the weekends in any way shape or form. Never happens. I sneak in some fun cool moments as LITS not to! ;)

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It’s Sunday today so no one is working.

I got up and walked my dogs, made breakfast and put on a load of laundry.

Now I am Fluthering.

In late morning, I will go out to the store.

Tonight my husband comes home from being out of town since Friday, and I want to make a special dinner.

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I’m a grad student and I don’t work. When I’m not in class, I’m either at one of the libraries or at home, reading or working on essays. Most days I don’t go out unless I have to.

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My work week is what it is, long commutes and all. My weekends are filled with household chores. Still, unlike the year I was unemployed, at least I know what day it is and am no longer thoroughly depressed.

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I work shifts, seven days a week, in a busy, huge, smelly, factory…. I come home to my two cats & whoever has let themselves in…. :-/
Some friends have keys….. My passions include listening to music & making love at every opportunity :-/
I drink fine wines & ales & love to cook….

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Get up. Go to work. Come home. Teach. On Friday and Saturday nights, I play piano and guitar at the local hotel lounge/bar for some extra, tax-free cash.

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