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Is it possible to transmit AV over a wifi network to a Windows based PC?

Asked by bomyne (636points) March 20th, 2011

I have an Xbox 360 in my bedroom, connected to my (standard def) TV. I also have a laptop running Windows 7. Is it possible to use my home network to send the Xbox’s output across my home network so that i can sit outside and play it?

I know both the controller and the home network work out there so all i need is a way to get my xbox’s display to show up on my laptop.

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I’m gonna say no. There are some PC graphics cards that can wirelessly transmit their signal but they are expensive and not very good.

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I guess you could boot the XBOX’s HDMI/Component output to an HD capture card on another computer acting as a server, and stream the signal over the network to a client computer – your laptop in this case.

It’s possible in theory – there’s a service called StremMyGame for desktop computers.

You should actually be able to do it with with the software that comes with the TV capture card – I used to have a Happauge card that had such a program, There’s info on it here.

However, as a caveat, I think you’ll be looking at a little bit of lag, and if you don’t have a PC lying around to use as the server, it could be a rather expensive solution.

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@the100thmonkey Spot on! Now, if there were a cheaper and/or simpler way then I think more people would be going that route, but a second PC is pretty much required for any ideas o can think of either.

This is also why I prefer PC gaming over consoles :/

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I’ve had experience with Streammygame before… it never worked for me.

Okay, slightly different question… Take the laptop out of the picture… is there any (inexpensive) way to play it when it’s in my room and i’m not?

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Well, composite cables are analog and can transmit signals over hundreds of feet. They would probably be your cheapest option, but it would be dependent on having a TV with component inputs.

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not possible i had an experience on that but its not working as i tried…

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