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Can President Obama keep his promise to the American people?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) March 20th, 2011

Libya is being attacked by missiles, in the air, by American and French forces. Will Libya be the next country that America will have to police, in order to save innocent lives? Question: will President Obama keep his promise to the American people, “that no ground troops will be sent to Libya”?.

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Yes, he will. There is no will to do so. If ground troops go in, they will be from our European allies.

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I think he has to and let another country help Libya. I am sure he is looking to be re-elected and going into another country right now wouldn’t be good for him.

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There is no evidence of plans to send in US ground troops.

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Probably not, but it won’t be the first promise he has broken. Like, he promised NO LOBBYISTS IN HIS ADMINISTRATION, then a few hours later he hired 2. Oh, well, can’t trust them all.

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There were no ground troops in Bosnia, which seems to be the template for our actions in Libya.

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According to UK news, there is also much evidence pointing to a very opposed opinion regarding British troops going in on foot.

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I doubt it. He’s a Constitutional Law major/professor who supports FISA and the Patriot Act and have you heard about Bradley Manning?
I think I see where the Presidents interests really are and they are not with the American people.

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I don’t think he will keep that promise at all. I think we will have ground troops there before we know it

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A what-if President McCain would already be singing ”...shores of Tripoli…” by now, as well as getting starry-eyed at the ideas of those gracing Fox news calling for Resolution 1973 to be applied to Syria.

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More than likely there are already US special forces on the ground in Libya, and I can PROMISE you the CIA has agents there.

At the moment, I doubt very much we will send “actual” military forces in (at least for anything more than like emergency evac of someone). BUT, I would be hesitant to totally rule it out.

One thing working in our favor is that the majority of the world is behind this, and it looks as though various NATO allies and members of the Arab League will be more than willing to send their troops there. (assuming the rebels don’t have enough people already, which it sounds like they do).

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There were/are British special forces in Libya.

Frankly, if we are going to conduct massive airstrikes, I would rather have special forces on the ground than not. SF guys provide intel that helps airstrikes avoid civilians.

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Yes. The US will also transfer the leading role for this effort to someone else. Who remains unclear and there’s s serious crisis within NATO right now.

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