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What runs in your family?

Asked by Jude (32112points) March 20th, 2011

Simone D B asked this awhile ago.

What is it for you?

My family: Heart disease on my Dad’s side, Alzheimer’s, and a stubborn nature.

Mom’s: slight OCD

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My dad died when he was 80. my mother is still alive at age 93, so, I hope to reach a happy medium between the both of them.

For the most part, our family has no more or no less diseases than most families. My mother still smokes a pack of cigarettes a day and is basically healthy, at age 93!

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Heart disease,cancer,diabetes,toughness and a stubborn streak which helps get through all that .;)

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A good sense of humor. My mom is a great joke teller.

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Craziness and cancer. What a great line up, eh? Also: reading, insomnia, and funny bones.

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Intelligence, intensity, moodiness, quick-wittedness and noses

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Really good hair.

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Unfortunately, neurological disorders, specifically Parkinson’s Disease, runs in my family :-(

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pot bellies and double pointed chins.

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Arthritis which I am not looking forward to.
Alcoholism, which brings on a myriad of other problems.
Diabetes, I think I’m getting close.
There is longevity in the family on both sides. Pops died at 86 of heart related complications and was a drinker but not a smoker. Mom is 91, quit smoking at age 65 and has no health problems.
@jlelandg lol! on the pot bellies….are we related? :D

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From my Dad: A bad back.
From my Mom: An irregular heartbeat.

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Lack of height!

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Cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, Alzheimer’s…..I’m doomed.

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Mom’s side: Alcoholism, short stature, illegitimate children
Dad’s side: Alcoholism, drug abuse, mental illness, morbid obesity, illegitimate children

This is just from stories I’ve heard. I’ve never met my real grandparents, save for my dad’s dad at his funeral and my dad’s adoptive mother.

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Stroke. Dad at almost 89; mom at 83. But dad actually completely recovered from his strokes and 2 cases of pneumonia. I think he went from a colon blockage but the doctor refused to operate. He didn’t feel thirsty and the NA’s didn’t tell him to drink his water.

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Really bad hair for the guys, heart disease, bad stomachs, lousy lungs, and a major stubborn streak not to let it get us down. At my uncle’s funeral, I put my arm around my brother on one side and my cousin on the other side and said guess which side of the family the hair line comes from. On the plus side we never live long enough to find out about the dementia things.

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Grey hair. I started going grey in my late twenties, almost done…… :-/
Quick temper. I get from my mother.. She doesn’t suffer fools gladly either…..
Stature too, we’re all about the same height, Men between 5’ 10” & 6’ & Stocky, women between 5’ 2” & 5’ 5” chunky…High blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes…. The only other thing is we all keep cats & Dogs, I just have the cats now but between us there’s quite a menagerie of varied pets :-/
Get us boys together & you have one hell of a rugby squad…. :-/ same too for the women Lol….

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I forgot to add sleepwalking. We’re a bunch of nocturnal hikers.

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You guys have reminded me of others. Sleepwalking/talking and height.

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Well, my maternal grandfather died of heart failure at 82 (emphysema related). His wife, my maternal grandmother died of heart failure at 86 (natural). Both of my paternal grandparents died from cancer (smoking) in their 70s.

So it looks like smoking as a killer runs in my family. Good thing I don’t smoke. Both my father and his father were functioning alcoholics. I drink, but not like they did/do and never plan on it. And I don’t think anyone in my family on either side has had a drinking related death (aside from my paternal grandmother’s brother, who was a serious alcoholic and died from drinking rubbing alcohol).

So aside from the medical stuff, I’d say stubbornness, an affinity for the out-of-doors, and a love of God (this gene skipped me).

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On a lighter note… son runs 5 miles a day to keep in shape. And, all of our clocks run on batteries.

Does this count?

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Plus, we all look much younger than our true ages.

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A lot of people in my family are, or have been, alcoholics. We also have a history of extremely bad eyesight. However, I was spared that one. It’s like everyone in my family has either contacts or glasses aside from me. Ain’t complaining though. I’ve been told by my grandma that cancer also runs in the family, although I’ve yet to know any family members that had it.

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Extremely short people on Dad’s side.

Extremely tall people on Mom’s side.

Love of pecan pie on both sides.

Lots of teachers.

Eveybody loves Christmas.

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Oh, yeah, and an obsession with books. And we all lack the “good housekeeping” gene.

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Diabetes, musical talent and baby faces.

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My grandmother had Alzheimer’s and my grandfather has heart disease, there’s also some diabetes, but neither of my parents have any of these thankfully…

Also, shortness :D

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We’re not short, we’re “gravity proud”!

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hmm, definately a good sense of humour, weak eyesight and detemination.Also very enduring…

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Unfortunately as an adopted child I have no real idea. My husband is curious, though, and so I’m having a PI look for my birth parents. Talking to my husband has made me curious too, though, and now we both would like to know!

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Low LDL cholesterol. No matter what I eat.

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Heart disease and colon cancer!! YAY!

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