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Any hair products to keep extremely thin hair soft and shiny, and if you say conditioner, which kind?

Asked by 15barcam (756points) March 20th, 2011

My hair and i wrestle every morning. My hair always wins.

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Any good quality brand that says volumizing will be helpful.

I ignore the instructions on conditioner to leave it in my hair. I just put it on and then rinse it out. That is enough to detangle, but does not weigh your hair down.

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Conditioner is what does that. Pantene is really good, or if you’re looking to spend more, I love Graham Webb.

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Try the new Wen haircare system. It’s $30 for the entire thing, but my sister uses it and she never has to do anything to her hair anymore.

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I know you say your hair is extremely thin but is it also naturally straight, naturally curly or kinky (tightly coiled)?? If your hair is curlier or kinkier, it requires more moisture than naturally straight hair.

Aside from drinking A LOT of water and/or taking multivitamins (I don’t take vitamins but should probably start), I use Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner by the Organic Root Stimulator brand and I use Hair Mayonnaise also by Organic Root Stimulator to deep condition my hair once a week. It leaves my hair really soft and full of moisture.

I should also mention that my hair is also really fine but it’s also naturally kinky/curly/nappy. Haven’t had a relaxer in my hair in several years.

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I have very fine straight hair. I use Paul Mitchell voluminizing shampoo and conditioner. My hair is pretty shiney.

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I have fine hair.. don’t know about ‘extremely’. It took me years of trial and error to figure out what worked, but since I have, my hair and I have a pretty good relationship. The key, for me, is conditioner. Without it, my hair looks and acts rather frightful and can be very difficult to manage. With it, I rarely need a brush (finger combing works fine).

I don’t know about your hair, but my hair has a tendency to get kind of frizzy and prone to fly-aways. Eventually, I realized that volumizing stuff wasn’t helping much, but that might work for you. Pantene has a line of ‘silk and smooth’ products that make the hair soft and weigh it down a bit (which I definitely need), but not too much.

I am currently very fond of Tresemme products. I use the Thermal Recovery line most often because I blow dry and occasionally straight-iron my hair. I also have a Tresemme deep conditioner to moisturize my hair once or twice a week, to hopefully mitigate the effects of the coloring I’ve been doing.

Anyway, you should check out the Tresemme site. There’s a product picker in there somewhere, where it walks you through and picks the right products for your type of hair. I don’t get paid for pushing Tresemme, by the way, but I do love it and have been using it for years. It’s very affordable and works great with my hair—I have no need for more expensive salon products.

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I use Aussie. I don’t ever use heat on my hair. Let your hair dry naturally. Also let it go in the direction it wants to go. Embrace your natural hair! It may look dreadful for a couple of months, but once it gets use to having its own way I assure you your hair will reward you! I have been doing this for two years and I actually now have soft and shiny hair. I don’t even need to brush it anymore, just put my head upside down and shake it out with my fingers…. (although it is curly).

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Back when I had long and wild hair I always used Aussie too. It was amazing stuff. Now my hair is about a half-inch long at the longest point, I don;t need it any more.

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Well, I have very fine but thick hair and I love Infusium Repair and Renew for management but I really noticed the shine increase when I added Vitamin E and Flax seed oil to my daily supplements.

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Moroccanoil will be the best product you’ll ever put on your hair I promise. Use the shampoo and the conditioner and you’ll never turn back. Or even just use the Oil Treatment (I do every day) and it’ll significantly make your hair shiny, soft and so much more manageable. Not to mention HEALTHY!
P.S. For thin or blonde hair use Moroccanoil Light Oil Treatment.

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When my own thin hair is long then I spray it after washing and cold rinse with Infusium conditioner mixed 50/50 with water. When short then I wrestle back with a few strokes of Murray’s hair wax at the part and at the ends. Just a tiny bit of wax keeps the hair managed up top and not frizzy at the ends but I believe over time it also conditions the roots where I add and smooth daily.

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I too have fine thin hair and I use herbal essences which lets my hair have it’s own natural style. Their featherweight hydralicious shampoo is really good with fine hair. I’ve also heard that the organix line is good.

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In addition to all of the above products, I recommend you try washing your hair with apple cider vinegar in place of shampoo once or twice a week. Vinegar acts as both a cleanser and a conditioner, and it can keep your hair shiny. I still use regular conditioner after rinsing out the vinegar, though, since my hair tangles rather easily.

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A second vote for Paul Mitchell. It will make your hair look thick and shiny without oiliness. It is expensive, but worth every penny.

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