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What do you believe the beatles song "I am the walrus" means?

Asked by goldilocks (273points) April 17th, 2008 from iPhone

there are quite a few theories out there…

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VERY good question, but sadly i have no answer :[ haha

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A la Wiki:

The walrus is a reference to the walrus in Lewis Carroll’s “The Walrus and the Carpenter” (from the book Through the Looking-Glass).

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thanks for your thoughts!

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They’re not mine, sorry. I found that little factoid on Wikipedia.
Which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true.

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He also says “I am the egg man”

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Ya! What does THAT mean???? Haha

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@peedub, I know! Haha thanks anyway!

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Humpty Dumpty?? Maybe they’re talking about a bunch of childhood stories…

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ahah i dont think it really means anything, just a part of sir paul mcarthys quirckyness :)

seems like i read somewhere that he stated if bob dylan could write that crap so could he

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WTF is coo coo ka choo (sp?) ????

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They were probably all doped up too..

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Yeah, I wouldn’t doubt if it was the spawn of an acid trip, turned ‘hey let’s find a meaning.

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haha… yeahhhh mannnnnn

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Humpty dumpty is also from alice in wonderland.

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I think we’ve solved it.
Beatles + Acid + Alice = Hit Song

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i think you solved it too!

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haha thank you all!!

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The story I’ve been told is that they were tired of ppl reading into their songs so they wrote it to mean absolutely nothing st throw ppl off. And then everyone came up with these crazy theories like one of the beatles had died (because apparently in some European country the walrus is a symbol of death)

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ugh, I hate the beatles, they are way over rated

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“goo goo ga joob”. Not coo coo ka choo.

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I’m glad you cleared that up, I totally get what it means now.

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@courtney supposedly the cover of the Beatles “Abby Road” where Paul McCartney was walking barefoot was also a sign that he was dead (although he’s one of the only two still alive).

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Now i have an answer, John Lennon wrote it and it really has no meaning, but I am the egg man has something to do with his friend and orgies, or so it says in Bob Spitz autobiography of The Beatles

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Heard Ringo say no hidden meanings just fun lyrics. Saw the Beatles in concert in Dallas & Houston. In Houston they did & afternoon/evening concert on same day. To see ALL FOUR in concert was $10.00. All seats same price, we got in line early & were center stage close to front. Not worth being trampled to be front row. Yes, I am almost 60. Beatles, Bee Gees, The Eagles, Elvis, Rod Stewart were the best groups. Glad I saw them before some died. Especially, Beatles & Bee Gees as not the same afterwards. My husband & I wish we had not heard Elvis close to his death. We would have liked to remember him when we heard him previously @ his best. The Beatles & Elvis in the 60’s & early 70’s would sing for 3 hrs. My Dad took 4 teens to one of the Elvis & Beatle concerts in Dallas & said “too loud.” He let us go alone in Houston ha. The Beatles performed in Dallas @ Dallas Memorial Autor. which is older part of the Dallas Convention Complex today. Dad said he was probably only Dad that saw the Beatles ha. Today, when we go to Dallas Convention Complex for conferences I think about Dad & the Beatles & smile. One of my girlfriends that went in high school called a few yrs. back to say Paul was in Atlanta & should we go. We decided not to spend hundreds to see Paul & Paul & Ringo in Vegas. After all, was only $10.00 to see ALL FOUR. What a DEAL. We talk about it still today. We no longer care who Paul marries ha. Tho girlfriend is still in love with Ringo. Her husband is ten yrs. younger & can’t relate ha.

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