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How long should it take for a job to call you?

Asked by killerkadoogen (421points) March 20th, 2011

When you are putting in job applications how long should it take them to get back to you? Am I supposed to call them about it? I worked for my dad under the table for almost ten years. So I don’t really have any work history besides that, should that matter?

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It really depends. There’s no set amount of time they have to call you back. A week or two is probably the average. If they haven’t called by then, there’s a good chance they won’t call at all. And now-a-days, the majority of people who apply for any given job never get called.

If you’d really like to work for a company, you can call them about once a week to check up on the status of your application. It shows persistence, but be careful not to make yourself a nuisance.

In the current economy, job searching takes a lot of patience. Fill out as many applications as you can, but focus on the jobs you truly would like to have, especially if they actually have an opening. Present yourself well when you land the interview and just hope you stand out among the hundreds of applicants they have to look through.

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Generally, I give them a week and call them back. If nothing else, it shows that you are interested in working for them as opposed to merely throwing apps out until you land something. In today’s economy, little things like that can make a big difference.

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Is that experience that you can include (and have included) on a résumé?

Most employers won’t respond to “applications” unless they want to interview you. So if you’ve submitted a résumé and cover letter with an application, you can call the HR department to see if they will call for an interview, I suppose. But don’t expect anyone to call and say “You’re hired,” just like that. They call first for an interview.

If you’ve already had an interview, then maybe they’ll call for another one. On whatever schedule suits them. Call to ask politely what the process is and when (if ever) you might expect to hear back.

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I would definitely call back, and often. Many places like to know they are hiring someone who is tenacious. Also it may take some time for them to get back to you. The last job I was hired for took so long by the time they called me I had forgotten I applied there.

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It takes a long time to figure things out when posting a job so it will take longer than you think.

If they told you a time frame when you put in the application, wait that long, and then call and ask if a decision has been made.

If they did not tell you a time frame, I would wait a week, and then call.

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But, did you pay your taxes for those ten years?

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If you are just filling out applications and didn’t talk to anyone, then you need to call the manager back a day or two after filling out an application, and state your interest in working for the company, and why you’d be a good employee. Once you talk to a manager, follow up with a note or e-mail thanking them for the interview and that you’re interested.

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@john65pennington The places he is applying for will probably not even know that he was paid under the table. My fiance worked for his uncle for 6 years getting paid under the table and found a job just fine. It’s on his resume and no one has ever asked about how he was paid, except for his hourly wage. Plenty of people work for family members, get paid in cash, and still put the work experience on their resume.

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Are the places you’re applying hiring right now? Most places will take applications whether they’re currently hiring or not. Find out whether they’re actually hiring before you start to worry about when they’ll call.

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show your intrest where you want to go and try….

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If you are willing to be hired keep on waiting patiently,, maybe they’re trying to test you how long you could wait..

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usually if the companies are really interested with your application and qualification, around a weak they would contact you.

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I would call within a week or two, to check on the status of your application. If it’s for a state or federal job, it can take a while, sometimes they have to wait until the posting period for the job is over before making calls to set up interviews. It can be frustrating when you are trying to get a job, all of the waiting and uncertainty. I work for a company that sends out a letter/postcard to any applicant that is not being considered, (“Thank you for your application, unfortunately you do not meet the qualifications”) which I think is considerate.

Don’t call more than once or twice, the company will think you are being a nuisance.

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