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Can you run a Mac on a PC wireless network?

Asked by Allie (17536points) April 17th, 2008

… Or do you need a special wireless network for Apple?
If it is possible to set it up on the same network, how do I do it?

I’m trying to connect my MacBook Pro to the wireless network my uncle runs his IBM on…

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well, see, 802.11 draft was designed to make everyone happy, since all wireless networks work that way now, you can use apple and windows devices in a network, airports with windows machines on it, and vice versa

see, easy one

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ok good.. but how do I add my Mac to my uncles network?

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His network shows up on AirPort but it asks me for a password and the password he uses doesn’t let me join.

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well, check if it’s the right security settings, if it is the right password for the right network, there shouldn’t be a problem, try rebooting and connecting again

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If it’s the right security settings from his end or mine? There is a lock next to his network name.. does he have to “unlock” it before he can add me?

We keep seeing something about a network key, but I don’t know what this is… or if it matters…

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When i started my mac book pro and my mac pro up they both automatically found my pc wireless network. Any issues I may have had were related to security settings on the wireless network.

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see, that “key” is what you need, you need the password for his wireless, you should get a promptscreen for it, a little windows asking for it, make sure you have the right code

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yes! just to let you two know i am writing this from my MBPro. We got the right passkey thing and it just connects me automatically now every time I start my computer.

Thanks so much iwamoto and Bri_L!!!!!

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you’re welcome , a happy mac users makes me happy :D

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