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Does anyone know how may stops there are from USA to Jerusalem? i know the first one is in chicago.

Asked by love408 (147points) April 17th, 2008


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Where in the US are you starting from? 3400 miles or so from coast to coast here.

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if its from the atlantic coast, it takes around 9–11 hour plane ride, and its a 7 hour difference. ive done it several tmes from the east coast, and it mainly depends on the weather. also, you would arrive in tel aviv, not jerusalem.

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I’m not sure which airline you’re flying, or which city you’re flying out of, but I’m going to Israel in August on a birthright trip, and we’re flying out of Boston Logan, to Ben Gourion airport non-stop on Iberian Air. And you know that they would find a cheapy airline to fly us out there on.

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Im flying from san fransisco

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