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How come some topics have descriptions, and others don't?

Asked by Berserker (33543points) March 20th, 2011

I mean those topics you can add in your profile of things you’re knowledgeable on, or interested by, wtv. Some of them, like movies, have little descriptions, but others don’t have anything. How is it decided what gets what? I know the staff does it yes, but how do you go about deciding what gets a description?
My guess is that some topics were chosen and created by staff, then they added descriptions to them, but the topics added by members remain empty of description. That’s understandable of course, would be a huge job describing every single one of them, (There must be like so many) and some of them might not be fit for description. Have the staff ever added descriptions to some member made topics? (That’s if I guessed right.) Do you ever plan to add descriptions to member topics?
Is it possible for members to send in suggested descriptions to topics that don’t have any?

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There was a big “topics” revising project going on before the Twitter captivity but I don’t think there’s anyone around with time to continue the work. I suspect what you are seeing is a project partially done.

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Oh, okay…that sucks lol.

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Topics that kind of need a description, like things most people might be unfamiliar with, were all supposed to get descriptions. Eventually. Others are more self-explanatory.

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