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Where am I supposed to get shoes?

Asked by Stefaniebby (1170points) March 20th, 2011

While I don’t mind wearing boots and heels every day, lately, I’ve been thinking I need a pair of sneakers for this summer. I went to the mall here in town (Champs, Famous Footwear, Footlocker) and NOTHING! It’s all crap! I’m looking online and literally all I can find is shoes on Ebay. But I want other options, other websites. I have no problem buying shoes online, but I’m not spending $60 before I look elsewhere.

All I want is a pair of Nike’s, can you help me?

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Kohls, Penneys, Sears, Macys all carry Nike.

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All my shoes come from either Payless or Meijers.

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Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Marshalls If you want cute sneakers, not running ones, you should look into Tom’s.

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I’m a real big fan of Puma Speed Cats.

I usually order mine from Eastbay. They carry a pretty large selection in athletic shoes.

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Sportsmart is a good place to shop, and relatively less expensive.

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I’ve loved for years since returns are shipped free if you end up not liking what you picked out and they’re FAST.

You can also Google a specific Nike style and size to see who has online at the lowest price & shipping to your zipcode, let Google do the online website sorting for you.

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Save a wad of money and go to WalMart. They have the same shoes as the fancy shoe stores for a fraction of the price. If you look inside the shoes, you will see Made In China. This applies to practically all sneakers and track shoes out there. Only one shoe is made in the good ole USA and that is New Balance.

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I like NoSweats. They’re basically like Converse but not made in sweatshops. Better quality too, in my opinion. I mostly like that they’re wider.

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Are you anywhere near an outlet they have great prices at the Nike Outlet stores. I know where I live you can go to the Rebok Outlet and get them buy one get one half off or buy 2 get one free.

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Another vote for Zappos, since you can return them for free!

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Thanks everyone!
Wow @creative1 !! I’m jealous of where ever you’re living because a “Buy one get one half” or “buy two get one” deal would have me fallin’ to the floor.

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I got my shoes (that I freaking love) at Playmakers as recommended to me by our lovely Fluther friend, @Dr_C. The problem with them is that they are expensive (I have pretty bad knee problems and high quality shoes help) so if price is a big concern then I’d recommend them. But for on line shopping, Zappos is probably your best bet.

Edit: I just thought I’d mention that I think finding a good shoe is very important. Feet are body parts that we absolutely have to take car of. It’s like Lt. Dan said, “Two standing orders in this platoon: One, take good care of your feet, Two, try not to do anything stupid, like getting yourself killed.” I find this quote to be some damn good advice.

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I’m a big fan of Zappos, as well. Have had great success there.

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Go to an independent athletic/running shoe store in your area. They will fit a shoe to your foot. Running shoes are made in very different shapes, and the level of comfort you get from the shoe depends on getting a shoe that fits your foot shape. If you don’t plan on running, the investment in a good fitting shoe will keep your feet happy for several years.

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Zappos is great. Excellent customer service. You can order as many pairs as you want – different styles, different sizes – pick the ones you want and send the others back. The refund is super fast. Almost as good as trying on in the store.

I do agree with @BarnacleBill. There is an athletic/running store in town where they check out your feet and find the perfect shoes for you.

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I do not know if you’re a guy or a girl or where you live, but for guys if you want nikes, go to an outlet store. I go to wrentham village in wrentham, mass—Great prices. I avoid those top dollar mall stores (but somehow still go in them). Marshalls also has some really nice shoes every once in a while. My two favorite shoe stores are zumiez and journey, esp zumiez. They have a big messy collection of really nice, inexpensive shoes. I have gotten most of mine from there.

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@dxs I’m not a guy, but I did want Nikes. And I got ‘em. ;) Ebay made my week when I saw the $120 Nike’s I wanted we’re….what…..what….. 41 Dollars?!?!?! So I jumped on that.

Thanks everyone for your answers! G-A’s all around! You’re all super awesome!

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Hey. i would like to suggest you the best online store is coupon connexion, Form there you can find a bunch of shoes collections, which make you sure dealing with them.

So, find amazing shoes collections for your satisfaction….:)

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