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How do you feel when you listen rap music?

Asked by hophip27 (4points) March 21st, 2011

Do you feel something different where you listen music?

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I feel an overwhelming urge to turn it off, or, if I can’t do that, leave.

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Depends on the rapper.

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Like I made a huge mistake.

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Surprised by the negativity from Fluther which normally accepts such a wide spectrum of just about anything. Or maybe it’s just the early morning (in North America at least) crowd?

I tend to like hip hop for two reasons, either thoughtful lyrics or good beats. Good beats tend to inspire action for me, I want to move, smile, get something going. Thoughtful lyrics tend to give you insight into a person or story and usually make me examine myself or my values.

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Depends on the song.

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if its not eminem or nicki minaj (meaning i dont like them =( ), then i feel very upbeat, like writing lyrics.

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Depends on the song and the artist. Rap is probably the genre of music that I am most finicky about.

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It totally depends on who it is and what song it is, like any other music. I can feel many different emotions during the same piece of music – and that goes for any piece of music, not just rap.

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very surprised at the outspoken negativity, but hey, it’s just opinions and everyone is entitled to them. I can’t stand country music. and yes, it all depends on who it is. Soulja Boy I CANNOT stand but give me Tribe Called Quest and I will forever be happy. Rap and hip hop are my favorite genres (yes, they’re different).

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rap music – what an oxymoron.

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Depends on the rapper and the song.

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Usually annoyed. It’s not so much the rap music itself. It’s the fact that the only time I really hear it is when that low rider with the 14 gigawatt sound system with the sub woofers that should be classified as assault weaponry pulls up next to me at the stop light and I am forced to sit there and vibrate with them until the light turns green.

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If it’s the bullshit that’s in the mainstream right now, I feel offended. If it’s a track by someone like Black Thought, I feel inspired.

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Like I want to change the channel to something good.

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Most rap(not music, its not music)is aimed at downgrading our society.

I never listen to rap or a rap radio station. Its not worth the effort.

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I try to listen to the lyrics because if the lyrics are good then I can sometimes enjoy rap (I wouldn’t say I love it as a genre but I like to give each individual rapper/song a chance). I love some of Eminem’s stuff for example. I wish all rappers really thought about the lyrics rather than just throwing words together that rhyme because bad rap bores me.

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Highly dependent. Most mainstream rap is horrible imo but there is some really intelligent rap like this that I love

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if the rap has a story behind it, or represents the artists sadness that he/she was feeling at the time… i agree, rappers like lil wayne who just throw words together just cuz they rhyme are retarded… rappers like The Sugar Bill Gang, or Imortal Technique, etc. have meaning in their lyrics

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@Mr_Grimm How’s this for a story
such a great song imo

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I usually feel assaulted and invaded.

I don’t choose to listen to it on my radio or stereo at home or in my car, so I usually hear it when I’m driving and another driver has his/her music turned up so loud that it shakes my car and hurts my ears.

I usually get the same feeling with Norteno music too, for the same reason.

I get that people have different tastes in music. Many people would be horrified, bored or just amused at some of my favorite music choices, but I purposely try to keep my music to myself with either the volume control or by wearing headphones. Forcing one’s music on others is just plain rude.

Now you can decide whether my music taste is falls within The Good, The Bad of The Ugly.

Example one

Example two

Example three

Example four

Example five

Example six

But rest assured that I will never blast any of these songs into your earshot.

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I can live without it, easily. Or it could be the rudeness that is foisted on me from those who seem to think I should listen to their song at top volume at a signal. I can’t remember the last time I was assaulted at a signal by someone playing real music, such as rock and roll.

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@funkdaddy I accept the whole spectrum of music. I wouldn’t stop people listening to rap, and if someone with me was enjoying it I wouldn’t ask them to turn it off. Its just not music that I generally appreciate.

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I grew up listening to Run D.M.C., Beastie Boys, Grandmaster Flash, Afrika Bambaataa.

I like some rap, just like I like some rock, country, blues, Christmas songs, etc.. Grandma can get run over for all I care, but I sure like a Silent Night.

hating the generalizations :/

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Like smashing the stereo playing it. Whoever named “rap” forgot the “c” in front of it.

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