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Would it be extreme to go from south africa to alaska right away?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6762points) April 17th, 2008

im going to south africa this summer, and right after that, my gradparents are bringing all the grandchildren to alaska. the timing is very weird and the trip to alaska is 3–5 days after im supposed to get back from south africa. how will the time difference affect me? also, how about the extremes in climate? im also an avid traveller and i would love to stay in south africa as long as possible. are there any flights that connect to get to alaska right from south africa?

p.s.: the south africa trip is very flexible, but the alaska trip is not at all.

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I think you will be fine. I went from California, to Greece for a month, back to California for two days, then to Tennessee for two weeks, back to California for four days, and then to Cancun for two weeks. For me, the two and four days was enough to catch up. Just don’t plan anything for those breaks at home and catch up on sleep so that you’re ready for the next trip.

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wow I wish i were you . that would be an awesome trip. id say to just make sure you pack correctly for each place. have fun

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You are young and can adjust. The timing is lousy, I agree, but what opportunities. Go for it. You’ll have to do some research about the flight issues. I am sure that there will be some hassle. And can you send winter clothes to Alaska w. other family members? What wonderful grandparents…

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my grandparents are very nice. for their 50th anniversary they treated the whole family (25 people) to a trip to israel. this year for their 60th, just the 15 grandchildren and them. they also set up schoarship programs for all the grandchildren before we’re born, so we can use the money that we would use for school, on travelling. so in my scholarship plans (i have 2), i have a total of about $60,000.00!! i know, its a lot. so whatever it costs for a “regular” student, its all covered and i dont have that opportunity cost of school vs. travel. its pretty sweet :D

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@Mtl; would they like to adopt me?

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my grandfather is enough hastle for my grandmother to handle. but ill tell them that i know someone that actually wants to JOIN this crazy family rather than LEAVE. some things are amazing, but the people are CRAZY.

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I’d like to join too. =]

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Summer here is winter in S Africa – it gets chilly. Summer in Alaska is warm.
Take some layers and rainproofness.

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@mtl..Um while you’re asking, ask if theres room for one more.. lol

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