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Flexible Job / Freelancer for full income?

Asked by James17555 (204points) March 21st, 2011 from iPhone

So I want to study and work to support myself since I need to earn a living. Up until now studying works besides my full-time job, but I’d like more independency, so I wanted to become a flight attendant with more free time, but since that didn’t work out either I need a new idea.

I already did freelance writing and translation work on and I need tips on how to earn a full income with a flexible job other than flight attendant or as a freelancer.

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What are your skills? If you’re looking for a well-paying flexible job that requires little-no education or training, you would probably have better luck catching a leprechaun and finding his pot of gold. Waiting tables or bar tending might be the closest thing I can think of.

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Well I’m fluent in 5 languages and also write them perfectly, I’ve git a highschool diploma and am currently studying Fremch literature and language at a french university and currently working as a secretary in a big law firm.

And as i said, it’s about making a living, not the big buck. Around 2000$ per month would be ok. I value my freetime more than big money because now i am earning a bit more than that but i couldnt care less :)

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@James17555 yeah, teaching languages as a second language is an excellent way. Depending where you are, learning english can be expensive, so you can charge per hour and earn quite a lot. (Here in Brazil for example, its 50$-70$ an hour).

You can try translating documents also and charge per word. Here in Brazil it ranges from .10–25 cents per word.

Doing web design and programming are the best ways for making good money freelancing.

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Look at becoming a virtual online administrative assistant, or getting certified as a translator. That would give you mobility.

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You could always goto Asia and teach English. See the world and they usually pay for room and board. Usually you only work about 25 hours a week. Just know that you’ll be teaching kids. For some that’s a good thing. For others, not so much.

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