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If I think there may be another party on the same day, what's a good time frame for sending out party invitations?

Asked by jca (35994points) March 21st, 2011

My pre-school age daughter has a birthday end of May. I started calling party places in February to get ideas and prices. It was unbelievable that the place I wanted, a place with the best price, was already booked for most dates and times for May, except the undesirable time (Sunday night at 7 pm – a lousy time for a pre-schooler’s party). So I went into June, and booked her party for June 18. I put a down payment down for this date. (and now I know that next year, in order to book a May party, I need to start calling in December – believe it!).

I got the class birthday list from the teacher, and see that there’s one kid with a birthday June 19 and another with a birthday the following week. Therefore, there’s a good chance one kid will have a birthday party scheduled the same day as my daughter’s.

What is a good time frame for issuing invites to this party, in order not to put them out too soon, but yet to inform any party planners that this date is booked? Of course, each child would invite the whole class so this impacts all the kids in the class.

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I would put them out three weeks in advance.

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Three weeks to a month; it’s not a wedding. If your daughter has any particular friends that you know she would want to attend, maybe give their parents a casual heads-up.

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If you send them too early, they get misplaced and forgotten about. I know this sounds like a lot for preschool, but I would send them about a week before your daughter’s birthday with a note that her birthday is now but you are celebrating mid-June. Then send a cute & easy reminder (cute pic on a slip of paper – or email if you know all of their addresses) a week or so before the party.

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How about just calling the other mom, and telling her that you had trouble booking a place in May for your daughter’s birthday, and that you wanted her to know the date, because you’re going to invite her child, and you want to make sure he/she can come.

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I have to agree with 3 weeks and @BarnacleBill‘s idea of calling the other mother.

@BarnacleBill You always have great ideas.

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Wow, I can’t wait to see what sort of extravaganza you spring for her 16th or 21st.

I would say 3 weeks or invite the other kids to have a joint party and split the expense.

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Update from the Update Lady: I emailed the other two parents to let them know. I sent email yesterday. One parent resonded and said that’s fine. The other one did not respond yet (I am figuring either they feel no response is necessary or they don’t check their email every day).

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