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Is it okay to skim through boring/dragging parts of a book?

Asked by nikkiduq (551points) March 21st, 2011

I do that often and I feel guilty (I know. It’s weird.) I mean, do you really need to passionately read each and every word in a book to really appreciate the story? Or is it okay to just skim through some parts of it?

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It is alright to skim.It is also alright to rip the tag off a mattress.:)

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No,never do that.
It’s against the rules and besides….if you are a true honest reader, You’d feel much too guilty…

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@queenie : I am not a true honest reader. I don’t read much. But I want to develop my passion for reading books of a particular genre I like.

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Sure, it’s OK, but why read the book if you don’t like it?
If it’s that boring why not just quit it and find one that is more interesting to you?
Unless you have to give a report on it, or take a test or something like that.

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@wilma Deffo what I was gonna say…pick a book from a genre you really like or take an interest in,and hey, every book has a page or two of boredom in it…it’s just building up the plot.
: )

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Thanks for all your answers :)

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My rule of thumb: if it’s boring, then it’s probably important

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It depends on why you’re reading it to begin with. Life’s too short to trudge through stuff you’re not interested in. If the book isn’t gripping, then try another genre.

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I often skim but if I am finding that I am skimming more than paying attention then I tend to give up on the book altogether. Life’s to short.

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Oh, FYI… it’s not a textbook. :D

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I skim sometimes. And I also feel guilty about it. Not that anyone would ever know that I skimmed a part of the book, but I know what you mean.
I agree with those above that said if I find that paying attention to the story is difficult, I give up the book.

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Sure. If you’re reading for pleasure, then it should be pleasurable.

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It depends on the book.

Novel you’re reading for pleasure: it’s okay.

Nuclear reactor user manual: not okay.

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Oh yeah, me just look at the pictures anyway. Neanderthal laughter!

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@ucme There you go again…sighs….. you always make me laugh in real !

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I used to feel it was almost as bad as reading the last page first, but I have changed my mind. Experience has shown there isn’t a lot of vital information in those parts. Mostly just tedious detail that does not enrich the experience for me. If it means I can get through an otherwise decent book, then I’ll skim away during the dull parts.

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I’m reading novels and I usually find some parts boring. Like, when a whole chapter is about a conversation of a particular subject. I mean, I find it senseless.

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That’s the only way I finally got through “War and Peace”, after 6 runs at it over the years. About a fourth of the way through the last time I started skipping the war parts and going to the peace parts. Yes, I feel guilty, which is why I almost never brag about having read “War and Peace.” Well, the opportunity to brag doesn’t come up that often anyway.

Have I told you guys I’ve read “War and Peace?” Well I have. Just sayin’.

@boob_ LOVED your answer!

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If you’re not reading for school, then yeah, I think it’s okay. But sometimes, you may think a part is boring, but in between a whole chunk you think is boring there may be some really interesting stuff that could clarify things in a book. I read the boring parts.
But if you’re reading for school, definitely read the boring parts.

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It’s your reading experience, you are allowed to do whatever you want. (And I’m a librarian, so I must be right.)

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Yes it’s okay.
I give you my permission for what that’s worth. What’s zero divided by zero? I just was reminded by a friend last week that I was a freak as a child when it came to books. Reading 800 page books by 2nd grade?

Skimming is totally reading, if you do it well. I don’t feel guilty anymore, when I skip parts of books I’ve read, or skim through paragraphs that are just treading ink. Sometimes a book is good but the writer isn’t and vice versa. Also, if you re-read a paragraph multiple times, to understand it makes up for every paragraph you skim. You know, karma neutral. Ever fast forward a dvd? Yeah it’s ok.

Audiobooks count as reading too in my opinion. Are you still enjoying a book? Yes. Who cares what bodily sense you use to perceive it? So long as it works.

Oh I am a true reader I only use my EYES.” -Snobbyone
“What about braille you dumb shit? If reading with your eyes or by hand counts, ears should too.” -Booklover

If think about it, most people who read, hear the words in their head when they see a word. If you can understand all of the words, who cares how they get into your head?

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@everephebe How’d you do that check mark thingy? ╖?

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@Dutchess_III google search ☑, copyand paste.:D

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PS…exactly HOW would one google search a symbol if you can’t recreate the symbol except by cutting and pasting? (Which I just copied and pasted yours in here…)


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@Dutchess_III Google tick mark or check mark symbol and voilà!Successful googling is all about the search terms you use. Your perimeters are your results. The rest is good suss work after the search. Said the person with only 29 tabs open at this time. ☑ The simple tick mark ✔ didn’t have enough oomph, neither did the word check, so I went to the next level. ☑ Check mark in a box!

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Gotcha. ☒

I wouldn’t want to miss information that’s bound to be called back later on in the story, but other than that, I’ll skip the snoozy bits.

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Ø Or like dat. Alt 0216. But I can’t find a check mark on the character map. Oh well!

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@Dutchess_III What’s ╖ mean?

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