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Is there a Greek hamburger conspiracy?

Asked by sinscriven (6695points) April 17th, 2008

I’m not sure if this is something that’s common, but there in Southern California there’s a lot of sort of independent type burger joints that have a sort of uncanny resemblence to each other.

They are often times named the greek something or another (e.g, The Crazy/Friendly/Mad/Excited/Developmentally-challenged Greek) and have typical Fast food burgers, chicken sandwiches, pastrami, and fried zucchini. The burgers usually come with tomato/shredded lettuce/secret sauce, and combos usually run $4–6.

Every time I go to one of these, I just see that it’s pretty consistent and I know what I’m getting even though I’ve never been there before. I was wondering if they are somehow associated some how, or is there some sort of DIY make-your-own-burger-joint business plan going on?

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I have no idea but this question rules.

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If there is Zorba is like the godfather.

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I’m pretty sure I’ve been to The Mad Greek and heard this on the juke box.

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What are they really saying???

I think they assume we are all stupid malakas.

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Oddly enough, The burger place I went to today that inspired this question was called Zorba’s. :o

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It makes me want to say, hey guys, what you’re doing is wrong!

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Hahahaha.. that guy crawling across the street was funny. And the dude waiting for the deer with his Canadian beer.

P.S.- I’m part Greek and I have never even seen these Greek burger places. I guess they’re only in SoCal. When I was in Athens,Gr. I saw an add for a Greek Mac though.

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this is not uncommon, that an ethnic group will run a set of like stores/restaurants. in nyc, the peanut stands are mostly owned/run by what has been affectionately called the ‘chilean peanut mafia’ and i’ve heard it said that the donut shops in the bay area are largely cambodian.

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@nomtastic- have you tried any of the Chinese-owned Mexican in NYC?

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I’ve never seen a place like what you are referring to—that is, a Greek restaurant that sells burgers. How tasty are they? If they are better than gyros, then there is something funny going on—it may be a conspiracy. Maybe part of the whole melting-pot-assmilation scheme in the U.S.

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