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Do you know of any French songs that you would recommend?

Asked by sweetsweetstephy (338points) March 21st, 2011

I mean in complete French. I have a few by Carla Bruni and Edith Piaff. I downloaded some by other artists and was disappointed to find they sang in English. I haven’t been able to find any that i like so far and I’d really like to. I’m more in to alternative rock and stuff like that, but I’m open to anything.

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Are you into rap? If so, T T C are really funny.

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Le Marseillaise here with lyrics

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Ne Me Quitte Pas Many covers but this is the writer Jacques Brel’s version.

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Since you already are familiar with Carla Bruni (my favorites are ‘L’amour’ and ‘Quelqu’un m’a dit’), I’ll take this opportunity to confess my secret love of French rap. I partly like it because I’m amused by it, but some of it is pretty good.

La Tribu de Dana – Manau
Bouge de là – MC Solaar

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Ohhh and here’s the french version of Rammstein

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that was rad

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La pluie de ciel by Chantal Goya.

Sur le c’orce by Pauline Croze. I really love this one but can’t find an mp3 anywhere!

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This one is french, I think. Had to watch it 3 times, and I am still not sure.

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Yves Montand Les Feuilles Mortes
Georges Brassens L’Amandier
Patachou Chanson d’Irma La Douce
Yvette Gilbert Madame Arthur
Jacques Brel La Valse à Mille Temps
Juliette Gréco Sous le Ciel de Paris
Edith Piaf Sous le Ciel de Paris
Yves Montand Sous le Ciel de Paris

These songs are representative of the complete oeuvre of all these wonderful singers. I have vinyl records of them that I bought in Paris when I was 17 and trying to learn the language. I still love listening to them.

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Encore Une Fois if you like dance music.

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I’ll throw in the obligatory Flight of the Conchords here.

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I also love the Christmas song Pat a Pan. David Archuleta did it a couple of years ago for a CD (you know the young guy from American Idol). I love his version, but he does some verses in English, but the song is a French song redone, there must be full French versions.

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What more do you need than La Marseilles as in my favorite scene from Casablanca?

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I thought of another one.. Not a pop song or anything, but I like it because it’s a sad and touching song about the French Resistance: La Complainte du Partisan.

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I like Le Husky. They’re French Candian, dunno if that’s a problem.

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Oublie ça

~1979 par Téléphone. Un verset es en anglais.
Et a côté, sont plus les vidéos de ce groupe, probablement le groupe rock le plus populaire en France pour de nombreuses années.

Les paroles

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@aprilsimnel – GA!! How could I forget Téléphone?? I second that emotion.

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I like Raphael if you want to stay roughly within the Bruni / Piaf romantic ballad style. Or Aznavour, who lights up my life.

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Out of curiousity I asked my big music fan 17yr old son (french, live in france) which current french groups that sing in french that are worth listening to and his answer…... none. They are probably out there but good luck finding them, me too I’d like to know!

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Zebda – Tomber la chemise
Annie Villeneuve – Un homme
The Seatbelts – Encore un Verre (this is their only French song)

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I like “Il Avait Les Mots”

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I always liked Paul Mauriat’s “Love Is Blue” ... and then I heard it as L’amor Est Bleu.

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