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What's your favorite hot sauce?

Asked by SamIAm (8690points) March 21st, 2011

I always have at least 7 types in my fridge. I like everything from Frank’s to Tapatio to the green Tabasco to Sriracha. But none of these are hot enough really. I’m looking for a new one.

What are your favorites?? And what kind of food do you put them on?

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Daves Original Insanity does it for me.

Anything from Mexican dishes, Chili to oddly enough a dash or two in New England Clam Chowder.

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•2 cups cubed peeled mango
•¾ cup chopped onion
•¼ cup white vinegar
•¼ cup water
•¼ cup fresh lime juice
•1 Tbl Olive Oil
•¼ tsp. Salt, Kosher
•3 Yellow tomatoes, chopped
•½ to 3 Habanero chilies, seeded

Place all of the ingredients in a food processor, or blender. Process until almost smooth.

Cover and chill for 2 hours. The flavors of this salsa will ripen with tremendous benefit from an overnight wait to allow the flavors to blend.

Note: You can use red tomatoes in place of yellow.
And I put up to 5 habaneros in the sauce, but start low and build to your tolerance level. Then
kick it up one more notch.

I use this sauce for marinading chicken and pork for a caribean style jerk BBQ.

Makes about 4 cups.

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If hot is what your looking for, find some ghost pepper sauce. Its extremely hot. I put it on stuff with a tooth pick and just dab the tiniest bit on. It will set your mouth on fire lol

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A particular favorite of mine is called Good n’ Evil. It’s not particularly hot but has a nice citrus tang to it.
If Sriracha is not hot enough for you you might like El Yucateco yellow habanero sauce. It’s quite hot and also has a nice subtle sweet taste.

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I like Tabasco best. I can list all the ingredients from memory: vinegar, peppers, salt

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The Sriracha sauce that has the rooster on the bottle.

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Rhino Peri-peri sauce.

Also, I like good old Tabasco sauce.

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Sriracha/Rooster sauce.

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Here is a nam prik pao recipe I like too. I use the Thai bird’s eye chilis in mine and leave the seeds in.

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Hunan chili sauce, from Hunan Restaurant in San Francisco.

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Sriracha is a big favorite. Ass in the Tub is aptly named.

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@noelleptc, oh, I love me some taco bell fire sauce, too! I put that shit on everything. We even have our own little baggie in a cupboard too!

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Awesome stash, @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard! Taco Bell Loss Prevention will come knockin’ any day now.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard and @noelleptc If you store those little packets in the fridge they will taste better when you do use them.

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Cholula is my favorite.

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Here is a safety tip you might have a chance to use in the future with Pepper Sauce.

Got Milk? Yep. If you have gotten hold of some really tear jerking peppers, then head to the fridge and drink a glass of regular milk. Milk is like a fire extinguisher for hot peppers.

Insanity is my choice. One drop will burn you up, in a whole pan of navy beans.

This sauce comes with a warning label. Heed its warning! It will take the paint off the walls, so imagine what it does to our stomaches.

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Sriracha has spoiled me. It has the heat I like, without the overkill.

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Sriracha and black pepper get mixed into BBQ sauce.
Sriracha gets mixed into tuna fish salad.
Sriracha gets mixed with pomegranate syrup to baste lamb with.
Sriracha gets mixed with orange zest, honey and molasses for ham.
Sriracha gets mixed into deviled egg filling.
Sriracha gets mixed into cocktail sauce for shrimp.
Sriracha gets mixed into cranberry sauce for smearing onto goose.
Sriracha gets served alongside wasabi for sashimi and sushi.

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A Sriracha equivalent for Mexican food would be awesome. I really only enjoy Sriracha on Asian foods…

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@jaytkay, lol, every time we go to Taco Bell and Tim the Taco Man asks us if we want sauce, we say “Naw, we got sauce at the house!” Eventually, he stopped asking and just started saying “I know, you got sauce at the house.” He wears a Taco Bell belt buckle and he is there every day. His life is either incredibly happy or incredibly sad.

@WestRiverrat, awesome. I’m gonna try that.

@noelleptc, never thought of that. I’ll be sure and do that too!

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I too make my own out of peppers from the garden….you have to be very careful doing it too.

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Sriracha! Not the spiciest sauce out there, but you can’t beat the flavor.

@Neizvestnaya How about sriracha mixed with ketchup? My favorite for hot dogs, hamburgers, and fries.

@john65pennington You can even put milk in your eye, if something spicy gets in there. Found that out the hard way. Also, if chopping hot peppers irritates your skin (and you forgot to wear gloves), soak your hands in cooking oil.

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Cholula and Sriracha are my favs, but I love heading up to this little boutique in Boulder where they have 50 million different kinds of really small label hot sauces, and collecting them. The names are usually the best part.

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Sriracha gets my vote, I eat it on practically everything.

@Cruiser – share your recipe, I would like to try making my own. I always grow chilies in a pot.

@hobbitsubculture – I bought a box of those disposable plastic gloves and I always wear one when I chop, I have done the rub the eye thing once too often so I learned my lesson the hard way or should I say hot way.

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@rooeytoo I’ve managed to avoid doing the rub-the-eye thing, but I was done in by a soup with jalapeno peppers when I slurped it up with my face close to the bowl. On two separate occasions. Jalapenos aren’t that spicy, but my eyes will confirm they’re definitely part of the hot pepper family.

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Yeah, there’s Hot and Horny, Devil’s Bitch, Tiger Wood, Blow Out, Camel Toe, Screaming Sphincter, Salvation Sauce, Assplosion, Big-O’s Stimulus Sauce, Weed Killer, etc.

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Frank’s is my favorite, probably always has and always will be. I love Sriracha, Cholula and Tabasco. Crystal’s makes a nice cayenne sauce, and I have this awesome habanero sauce in my fridge, but the label is messed up.. I forget who makes it. I have at least 6 bottles of hot sauce in my fridge, but I don’t remember what they all are offhand.

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@JmacOroni ”...habanero sauce in my fridge, but the label is messed up….” Could it be that habanero sauce can be used to remove printer’s ink? ;-)

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The curry sauce the chinese noodle shop in the next town uses. Has a splash of really spicy chili sauce mixed into it, with makes it hot, but still tolerable, right on the edge, so to speak.

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Tabasco on eggs.

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@koanhead recommended El Yucateco. I second that. It’s almost like a pudding, it’s so thick, you just need a small amount (¼ teaspoon, for example) to give nice heat to a pot of rice or mix into barbecue sauce. They make a green one and a red one.

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@BarnacleBill – thanx for the link. hilarious names on some of those!

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@MyNewtBoobs – impressive collection!

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@MyNewtBoobs – oh, wait, that’s probably a shelf at your favorite store, now that I get a better look at it…

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Cholula sauce is my family’s favorite. It isn’t just hot, it has a great flavor.

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@noelleptc I too am a connoiseur of both Taco Bell and Del Taco’s packaged hot sauces. And I too have a ziplock back filled with them in my fridge. I love to make a quesadilla with jack cheese, some chopped cauliflower and a pack of TB or DT sauce.

Ring of Fire is pretty tasty and obviously, hot.

I don’t like my sauce to be super-hot, flavor is the most important aspect. I don’t like the taste of habanero peppers, but if you like hot hot HOT, then go for one that has those kind of peppers.

Tobasco’s chipotle flavor sauce is pretty yummy.

And this Vietnamese chili and garlic sauce with the rooster (different than siracha) is very tasty.

This next item is not exactly a hot sauce, because it is not liquid in nature, but all of the hot chutney’s by Patack are especially good. My favorite one is the brinjal aubergine eggplant chutney It has a hot, sweet and sour flavor. Patack’s makes about 20 differerent kinds of chutney from garlic, to lime to chili to mango and they’re all very good and very different from each other. Most of them have a pretty good kick to them. If you’re looking for something unusual try out a few of these. You can get a few varieties on the foreign foods section at most grocery stores, but if you are lucky enough to have an Indian market near your house, you will find all of them!

I also love Rubios hot salsa. Not sure if they have Rubios anywhere except Southern California.

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I’d recommend Smack My Ass and Call Me Sally hot sauce. Good flavor, fairly spicy and an frickin’ awesome name!

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@Raven_Rising We have that in our fridge right now. A friend of ours bought it for us when he was in Florida recently. He had to sign a waiver when he bought it. Our family can do heat, but that stuff is crazy! (just checked, we have Going Postal)

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@jonsblond My inlaws love hot sauce and introduced me to it a few years back. Its pretty hardcore but will last a long time since it only take a little bit to kick things up. I’m also pretty fond of Frank’s RedHot, Sriracha and Dave’s Insanity Sauce.

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@Raven_Rising haha. That’s true. I have a feeling we’ll have this bottle for years.

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I must try this hot sauce, now.
Reminds me of the time, several years ago, we ordered a dozen of the suicide wings from Quaker Steak. You have to sign a waiver for those, also. Everyone had one, and we brought the rest home. Someone forgot to put them in the fridge, and overnight my parents’ weimaraner ate the whole thing. There were at least 8 wings left in that box. The dog had diarrhea like you couldn’t imagine.. for days.

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@Raven_Rising Just the name of that hot sauce has me laughing and wanting to try it.

We should come up with some funny names for hot sauces. Like this one: Mother in Law’s Nasty Painful Parbs.

Hella Pain Yo!

Hemorrohoidal Happiness

Atcha Cha Cha Siracha

Hottie Sauce

Scoville Schmoville

H.O.T. Habanero-Onions-Tang

Burning Bush

Hot Flash

Spontaneous Combustion

Burnt Offerings

Scorched Earth

You’re Fired! (a hot sauce created by Donald Trump)

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My dad makes a habanero sauce we like to call “Come On Ice Cream”, because whenever he makes chili with it he always serves ice cream for dessert.

And the next day you can hear him holler ‘Come on ice cream’ from the bathroom.

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@Raven_Rising How hilarious! There is really a sauce with that name? I gotta find some!

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Based on this thread, I bought some Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce (the one with the rooster) for my husband last night. Question: Do I need to refrigerate it after it’s open? As far as I can tell, the bottle gives me no clue. (I don’t eat hot sauce, so I have no idea!)

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Where can I buy Sriracha? I love love love hot foods!

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@jca The grocery store. I can’t remember if they hide it with the Tabasco sauces or the Asian condiments (or the Mexican condiments??) but I know I couldn’t find it the first few times I looked. It was like that mysterious thing that your eyes just can’t seem to see.

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I have been looking for my favorite El Yucateco lately and can’t find it. I previously bought it at Walmart, and Shoprite. Now it’s not at Walmart, Shoprite, Stop and Shop. Will check out Sriracha. It might turn into a new fave!

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Try a Kroger or Safeway.

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there are no Krogers or Safeways in my area (NY Metro). I looked at the El Yucateco website but it just has a giant map and I could not see store names.

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@jca Target? Whole Foods?

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yes good ideas. when I go to WF I’ll pick up some soap – they have great soaps in great scents. (I am into smelling like a flower!)

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@jca I buy my Sriracha at Walmart. You can find it in the international section (Asian condiments).

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@jonsblond : thanks – i’m there about once a week!

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@jca I believe the bottle only costs $1.99, and it lasts quite a while. It’s a good buy!

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@jca They do have great soaps. If I ever used bar soap, I’d have a pile of those things.

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I bought my bottle at Weis. I think it was with the Asian foods.

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Frank’s! I put that shit on everything!

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