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Etymotic ER20BP or Hearos High Fidelity ear plugs?

Asked by sumul (360points) April 17th, 2008

If for some reason you’ve happened to try both, would you recommend the Hearos or the Etymotic ear plugs for reducing super loud music to a comfortable/safe level without making it sound like crap?

While we’re at it, are either of these as good as they claim to be? Regular ear plugs pretty much ruin the music, and I’d rather not pay a couple hundred dollars for professional ones if I can avoid it.

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I have used various plugs from Hearos. They work. If you look at the attenuation data on their webpages ( , you will notice that the low frequency reduction is less than mid or high frequency reduction. It will sound much better than normal foam ear plugs but they will not protect your ears as well. So don’t think you are stopping all hearing damage by wearing them. As you can see in the table, you get about 20db or reduction. If you go to a show the sound levels can be 100 to 110 dB. So you are still being exposed to 80 to 90dB of sound energy. But still they are better than nothing.

It looks like the Etymoyic might often a little better noise reduction. Good luck

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I have only used hearos but i like them.

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I’m an Audiologist and I’ve used and sold custom molded Etymotic plugs. They are far more comfortable and do sound much better than disposable foam or rubber plugs, and ensure that the wearer gets the proper acoustic seal needed for adequate attenuation. They have filters that can attenuate 15 or 25 dB. They are interchangeable, too. Our facility charges $150.00 per pair, and $75.00 for a spare pair of filters.

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