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Should I get a MacBook or MacBook Pro?

Asked by gsiener (438points) May 21st, 2007
They just did a MB refresh, and it sounds like a MBP w/ led backlight is coming soon.
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I would wait to buy until Apple releases their next generation MacBook Pros. According to the MacRumors Buyer's Guide, MacBook Pros are due for an update very soon. Rumors state that the 15-inch model may be LED-backlit, which means it would contain no mercury, use less power (longer batter life), and have brighter colors.
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I would say there are a few key factors: Can you afford to hold off buying for a few months? Which form factor will you want a year from now? If it were my only computer, I might wait for the pro, but if it's meant to be a personal, tool-around laptop, the macbook should hit the spot.
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I just got one of the new macbooks two days ago. It is sweet. I had been using a 12 inch powerbook 866Hz. So far this thing blows that away. I maxed it out with 2 gigs of RAM which I hope should make up for the shared video RAM. I like the smaller form factor. I feel like a 15" labtop is not as portable.
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I have a 15" Powerbook as my main computer, and it's not quite as portable as I need it to be (I take it with me to school every day). You could buy a MacBook AND a 20" external monitor and still spend less than you would on a MacBook Pro. But that would only make sense if you didn't need the extra speed and other benefits of the MBP.
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I'm a web developer (which is only relevant because it means I spend all day every day on my computer) and I have a MacBook. It's great. It easily runs my 24" Dell monitor, giving me a big monitor for code and a smaller one on which to refresh the browser window. Unless there is some specific reason to get the MBP (e.g., driving a 30" monitor), why spend the extra spondoolies?

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Good discussion, thanks for the advice. (not sure which I'll get yet, but I'm leaning towards MB)

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You didn’t mention what your primary usage would be for the Mac, although with the CPUs in the newer MacBooks and maxing out the RAM, you can probably do most anything on the MacBook. Not sure if the newer MacBooks stil use the integrated video cards, that can affect the ability to play video games (and I would assume video editing). Also, if you don’t plan on hooking up an externl monitor, the screen size would be an issue. The smaller size of the MacBook does make it über portable though.

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@gcoghill, the newest MacBooks still use Intel GMA 950 graphics processor with 64MB of DDR2 SDRAM shared with main memory… it really is sufficient for anything except gaming or serious video editing.

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