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What is that movie with the old theater and carousel?

Asked by NostalgicChills (2774points) March 22nd, 2011

I remember that I watched a movie a couple years ago, and I’ve been trying to remember the name.
All I remember is that the main character was an orphan, he lived in an abandoned theater with other orphans, he wore a black and white horizontally striped shirt, and had shoulder length dark hair. There was also a carousel in the movie. Anyone know what movie this was?

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Was it August Rush by any chance?

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Dunno if there’s a movie based on it, but this sounds a lot like the book The Thief Lord.

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I’m so excited, Thank you so much!

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The Thief Lord was actually a pretty decent movie! I also liked Inkheart, which is by the same author. Not sure if I liked Brendan Fraser cast for the part of Mo, but oh well.

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