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What is the difference between a cobbler and a pie?

Asked by silky1 (1510points) March 22nd, 2011

Just wondering.

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A pie is made with pastry dough and usually has a top and bottom crust; a cobbler only has a top and it is usually more like biscuit dough or crumble topping.

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Cobbler only has one crust usually on top, pie has top and bottom crusts. Cobblers are easier to make in a dutch oven over a campfire.

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Can we start another food thread about how badly the mod’s treat us.

Yes cobbler is great in Dutch Ovens and only has one crust or crumble top.

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Cobblers have a crumbly style (usually butter and sugar and flour) crust on the top. Pies either don’t have a top crust at all, or have a bottom crust that is a flat pastry style. Cobblers usually are made with fruit (cherries, peaches, apples) where as pies can be made with those items, but also may use chocolate, coconut, pecans and gel or chiffon style fillings, which cobblers would not have.

However there are some pies that use a graham cracker crust on the bottom, which is still a pie, but not at all like a cobbler.

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The fillings are pretty much the same, but pies are put together differently.

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Pie may or may not be served with ice cream.
Cobbler MUST be served with ice cream.

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I just asked the PLS (home econ) teacher.

According to her cobbler is always pie, but a pie is not always a cobbler. Cobbler is a pie with one crust and a fruit filling. Pie has 1 to 2 crusts and can have many fillings other than fruit.

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I’d say that there are many more pies that don’t have a top pastry crust, than do. Therefore I’d say the difference is crust location. Crust on bottom: pie. Crust only on top: cobbler. A crumbly, sugar-flour-butter top crust: crumble. Not a cobbler.

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In the UK a pie has pastry on top and bottom, or only on top. If it has pastry only on the bottom, it’s a tart, not a pie. And not all pies are served with ice-cream. It wouldn’t go too well with a steak-and-mushroom pie.

I’ve never encountered the word cobbler in relation to pies. A cobbler is a person who makes or repairs shoes.

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Here is a huge difference:

A pie is usually cut into 8 pieces.

A cobbler is not.

You generally receive a lot more cobbler, than you do a piece of pie.

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@downtide “Cobbler” is an American term; not British.

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