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Pregnant Robot helps students learn to give birth - what's next in medicine + robotics and AI?

Asked by seazen_ (4801points) March 23rd, 2011

Got any good articles/clips?

Here’s the link to the pregnant robot youtube clip

Don’t worry, it’s Zen-safe.

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You say it’s Zen-safe, but that covers a LOT of unsafe ground….
Sex robots. Which has a reputation for being only for the nerdiest, most pathetic losers, but I think have quite a bit of therapeutic value.

I just can’t help but feel that the robot delivery probably doesn’t really do a whole lot to prepare students for what real delivery is like – there’s no chance of the woman doing anything wrong, the guy delivering didn’t have to handle the baby with care, there was a general lack of fluids…

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When you said “students” I envisioned high school students. But in reality, the robot is used to teach medical students. We already have CPR and resuscitation dummies in first aid and Red Cross lifesaving classes. I don’t see this as any different.

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Hopefully robots fixing damaged nuclear power plants. It might become unethical, though, once robots become sentient beings.

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Several years ago, there were articles coming out of China that many young married couples haven’t properly had sex yet, because they didn’t know what goes where and why.
So,yes, sex robots! Good call, @MyNewtBoobs

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@filmfann That explains the Darwin Award about the 22 year old Filipino woman and her 50 year old American husband who went to the doctor because they couldn’t conceive, only to find out you can’t get pregnant that way.

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Robots that teach me how to be cool like all the cool kids.

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Kaspar the friendly robot is teaching autistic children about emotional and physical contact. This is wonderful because the robot never runs out of patience and never minds repeating itself. It also never gets insulted when the child rejects a hug.

Robots and Autism

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Wow, that preggie robot is really cool! Awesome!

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@gailcalled Ouch, that’s right there in the uncanny valley.

Anyway, there’s a whole lot of developments in the world of AI (my study, atm), way too much to sum up, but of course a recent development that garnered a lot of media attention was Waton, which, admittedly, was pretty cool.

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