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Help ladies! How to find a good bra.

Asked by dubsrayboo (2574points) March 23rd, 2011

I’m tired of having my back a breasts ache at the end of the day. I have never been able to find a bra that gives great support and has me looking good also.

I was told that Macys or Victoria’s Secret were good. Do you all know of any others that you go to?

Just need some comfort and support.

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Try Title Nine and Bounce. They even have bra coaches.

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The biggest trick is to make sure it fits properly. It may be worth it to have a professional bra fitting. Also, look for wide straps and bands that will provide maximum support without sacrificing comfort.

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According to an article I read, most women do not wear a bra that suits their build. Go to a store that specializes in bras. Trust me…the staff will help you find the right fit and look good. The brand that I found that works for me is Natori, but again, it is all about having an expert help you find the right fit. As soon as I started wearing them, the back pain was gone.

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Where do you live? You need to get fitted at a shop. In NYC there’s several lingerie boutiques where the older sales clerks know how to fit women for a bra.

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Victoria secret sucks. Wacoal is one of the best. Macy’s has some, but no one will be able to measure you. Nordstroms is a better place of the department stores. And, Bloomies usually has a fitter also. Wacoal has many for full breasted with a lot of support. They have both ones that reduce and ones that simply are supportive. Size is important, most women wear the wrong size. Measure around your back, for Wacoal add 4 inches. So if you measure 32 your bra size is 36.

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Disclamer: I worked for Wacoal and Calvin Klein bras. Once you wear a good bra you will never go back to Victoria Secret or any of the cheaper brands, the difference is incredible.

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@JLeslie – True that, especially if you’ve got big girls.

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I don’t live near any of the big stores with professional bra fitters.
I wonder if it is possible to order on-line and get a good fit?
I need good support for big breasts, but most of the supportive bras that I have tried are not very flattering or pretty, and actually don’t support me very well.

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@wilma First, the ugly bras make for the prettiest clothes and figures. Especially of you are a very casual dresser, t-shirts and sweaters, smooth, seemless, beige or brown, depending on your skin color, is the way to go. is a good place to find bras online, but your should find out your bra size first. As I said you can measure your back and add 4 for most of the better brands, then measure around your breast with a bra on, and the difference is your cup size. But, cup size can be tricky. If your straps fall down all of the time the back size of your bra is probaly too big. Or, if your bra in back does not stay down, it is too big.

Did you try googling a specialty bra or lingerie sore in your area? They should know how to measure.

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@wilma I just ordered ten new bras off Amazon. 8 of them fit perfectly…the other two I will return (for free)...they fit, I just didn’t like the feel of them

You can certainly measure at home. Here’s a good site for getting an accurate measurement Beyond that, here is an instructional video that gives amazing tips to get your girls looking perkier!

My bra size changed after I gave birth. I now find that the “pretty” and expensive bras I used to wear do not cut it. I need a secure fit at the ribs and shoulder. For me, that means a Playtex, or a bra that is based on the Playtex fit.

No matter where you decide to buy, I suggest looking at a site like Amazon or Target that has a ratings system. You will be able to read precisely what people like and do not like about particular bra styles and brands.

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I’ve been very happy with Bali bras with underwire. They make some that are not too gigantic but give support.

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Yes, Victorias Secret is a great place to find a good fitting bra.
My daughters friend works at a VS’s shop and just bought a bra she loves the other day.

Cute…said ’ Wow Mom, I had no idea that I had cleavage.’ lol

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@Coloma VS is a good place to get a fitting if you fit their bras. For women that do not fit into those sizes, a large department store would be better and offer truer sizing.

Also, VS sells only their own bras, whereas department stores offer a variety of manufacturers to choose from.

In my area, the best bra fitter is at Boston Store

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I don’t need any more cleavage, I’ve got plenty of that.
I just want them to not bounce when I walk.Also not have all the weight of my breasts pulling on the bra and make it dig into my shoulders.
I have never found anything at Victoria’s Secret that I found comfortable.

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@wilma To not feel the pull of the weight of your breasts, you will want to look for a bra with a wider band (at rib cage) and wider adjustable shoulder straps. The band should have 3 rows of 3 hooks, not two.

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Lane Bryant, by far, for me at least. They have t-shirt bras, which I adore… soft straps that have two different places to clip into the back of the bra… four rows of four hooks. Plus they measure you… in fact, the sales staff all have bra measuring tapes around their necks.

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My mother has big boobs and has been faithful for years to Wacoal bras. The largest I’ve been is a cup size for 38D and I wore Vanity Fair underwire bras with a wider strap than I could get on the 34–36 bands- just put them through the sewing machine to make them fit around the ribs better.

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@Neizvestnaya I’m needing a 38DD.
I think my problem is that the band under the cups that goes around me is not wide or supportive enough.

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@wilma: Look up the Wacoal bra website, note the style models you like and then google them to see what stores near your zipcode have them for the most reasonable price. The back bands on some bras are so flimsly that they will start to fray and “stretch”, spend the money on a good one.

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if you ever find one you love you’d better buy a dozen because they’ll discontinue them. And then baby them by not putting them in the dryer.
Mine fall off my shoulders and I do not have small shoulders. I don’t understand it.

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I finally buckled and went and got a professional bra fitting. It turns out that I was wrong in thinking I was a 36C. I’m actually a 34D. That was 6 years ago and I have not shopped in a regular lingerie shop since. The more expensive bras are so much more comfortable.

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Nordstrom! Those ladies will size you correctly and change your life! They also have the best range of sizes I’ve ever seen. The prices are reasonable too. They also have pretty bras (not granny bras) in larger cup sizes. Victorias Secret are the worst. If they don’t have your cup size they will just sell you a bigger diameter and it will never fit right. Macy’s also does not have enough variety in cup sizes.

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I went to Macy’s and there was a woman there that really knew what she was doing. She measured me and helped me find a really good bra. It was tricky to find one because of my full size but it was really good.

Thank you everyone for the great advise!

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@dubsrayboo Hooray! A good bra can alter your posture & make you feel so much better. So glad it worked out for you.

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