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What should I bring on a picnic?

Asked by Haleth (19499points) March 23rd, 2011

I’m going hiking with a friend this weekend. We’re going to drive up to the mountains, poke around some nature trails and historic sites, and maybe go down to the river. She eats like a bird and I eat like a horse. I’m looking for some healthy, high-protein snacks that are ok to sit in the car all morning. Whenever we go on little trips together she always does considerate things for me, so I’d like to do something nice like prepare things homemade as much as possible.

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Brownies, fruit, homemade gorp, PB&J, cheese and crackers

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Mixed nuts, dried fruit, beef jerky or salami and cheese. I also freeze containers of yogurt and use them to keep a bottle of wine chilled for enjoying after a strenuous hike. The yogurt is good frozen too and stays cold all day.

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Usually I just stop at a grocery store and buy bagels, cheese, apples and cans of juice.

PBJ sounds really good, too. And the frozen yogurt idea is super!

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Don’t forget some wet-naps! Your hands will want a cleaning before digging in.

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Granola travels well, either the bulk kind or bars.

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Water, veggies, nuts, apples and paper towels. Have fun!!! :)

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Hummus would keep well. Bring some pita to dip in it and you’ve got lots of protein.

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Pack some trail mix to take with you on the hike.

As for lunch, one of the best and easiest is crackers, cheese, a shelf stable sausage, and some fruit along with a nice bottle of wine.

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Just wondering, what is “homemade gorp”?

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GORP is G ood O ld R aisins and P eanuts (trail mix.) You can buy it pre-made or mix it up yourself. If you mix it yourself and add in M&Ms it is a delicious high-energy hiking snack.

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uhmm, bird-seeds? :)

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@Blueroses Neat! I never thought of freezing yogurt and using it to chill wine. That’s really clever.

@YoBob I like that suggestion, too. Actually, anything that includes wine. One of my favorite things to nibble on at home is cheese, salami, and dried fruit with wine.

@janbb For some reason, I just want to walk around saying “gorp.” That’s such an awesome-sounding word.

Here’s my tentative menu:
-cubed hard cheese, like parrano or pecorino romano
-shelf-stable salami, which I will slice ahead of time
-dried apricots or dried figs
-dry white wine like New Zealand sauvignon blanc or South African chenin blanc. And solo cups, because we’re a couple of classy broads.

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@Haleth Sounds delicious!

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If you want to kick up the classiness a notch you can consider these instead of the solo cups. They are easy to throw into a day pack and are light weight.

Have a wonderful time!

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Ant spray…

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@YoBob That’s classy indeed! I probably can’t order them in time for this weekend, but next time I have a date to impress I’m so busting those out.

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@Haleth The dollar store has plastic wineglasses in the party supplies. Just sayin’. :)

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