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Would you choose your career or your family if you were just starting off in the business world?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7981points) March 23rd, 2011

Okay, so I’m watching Ugly Betty (it’s a super guilty pleasure) and basically, Betty was in a situation where she had to go to either a party for her sister Hilda and her new hair salon or to go and pick up a dress for her boss, Daniel that was super rare and important for a cover of his magazine.

She chose to go and get the dress, but her father was like “Oh, you shouldn’t go, this is super important to your sister” and whatnot, and Betty’s point was that her sister could let go of one party now and then because being an editor in a big magazine was Betty’s ultimate dream – she would have gotten fired if she didn’t go and get the dress.

So how about you? Would you pick to further your career or your family? I think that her father was being a little hardlined, personally, and I think that he shouldn’t have said the things that he did, but what do you think? I know that family is important, but can there be a halfway point?

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How long does picking up a dress take? Why couldn’t she do both?

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@faye : Well, that’s not really the point, I don’t think. xD
And she kind of had to steal it back from Elle’s Christmas Party to get it, and then smuggle it back into the Mode magazine and stuff, so that took a few hours apparently.

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It really depends on the situation on what you are talking about. I was faced with a delema last year I was a foster parent who had a child since she was 2 weeks old that would never return home and was now being put up for adoption. They wanted me to adopt her and I was planning to even though she had at the time many many medical issues but then while the adoption was in process she became sicker with siezures and could no longer attend daycare while being treated meaning I could no longer work while being treated. I was faced with keeping and going forward with this adoption and loosing my job or not. I choose the baby and negotiated an adoption subsidy that would make it possible that I would be able to do so until I could locate a new job. The job I had I loved and it was a job that was made just for me so with a company that I was with for almost 10 years. I had seen myself retiring from this company but even though people have looked down on me for making the decision I made and it has had it ups and downs and she may not even live to adulthood I know I have given her a happier life than if she would have just been placed in an institution which is where they would have put her had I not adopted her.

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I would do what I had committed to do. So if I had committed to my boss first then I would have let my sister know I would be late and I had commited to my sister first I would let the boss know that I could either pick it up early or that I have a previous commitment. Integrity is the key there.

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If my family wasn’t very happy to help me with my career advancement, they wouldn’t be worth giving up anything for anyway. I am lucky to be raised in a very supportive family.

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I don’t think your example is the best, but overall, I would choose family.

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I’ll try again. There has to be a way to do both, but I’d pick family. Though I would talk to my sister about how important this errand was.

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It does depend on the individual situations. If it was a very important family situation, I would choose family. However, if the work situation was dire and people were seriously relying on my I would choose work. If they were both important, I would try to meet both needs in some way. I would never want to work in a job where family needs do not matter, so if I lost a job that did not respect the fact that people outside my work are also valuable, then so be it. However, I have a strong work ethic, so I wouldn’t let me colleagues down for something minor.

Long winded answer I know. I have a similar situation at the moment. I need to go to Sydney and to be there to do some work on Thursday morning, but it is my son’s 18th on the Wednesday. So, I will fly down Thursday morning and get to where I need to be a little later than I would like. I will be there though but my son’s 18th is a once in a lifetime event and I cannot miss that.

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@Mz_Lizzy you are making a great choice in doing both

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In my situation I am now trying a whole new career choice now where it will give me the flexiblity I need when I need it and put in full-time work when I am able. I am now going to real estate agent classes and going for my license.

To me family comes first because in the end all you have is your family. Work isn’t there when you need them, work isn’t going to hold your hand when the chips are down. And when I needed it for my daughter work was the first to say its me or her and I was able to locate someone to watch her part-time for me that I would be able to work part-time but they wouldn’t hear it.

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